Disc error help required please

  peterleemaxwell 21:11 09 Jul 2003

I had a 120Gb H.D. +17Gb. H.D. system+2.0Ghz AMD.
After repeated errors on my 'Time' m/c I had to add my old hard drive the 17Gb one, to reload windows. This was due to a lack of a back-up CD not supplied by the suppliers and my reluctance
to pay the price of the helpline. All went well until after a long period and after removing a file sharing prog., it too failed having start-up files taken away. I had to reformat and re-load on the 17Gb one. Before I did that I thought I would try various things with the big drive. It is used for file storage.
I loaded the Win-CD, tried the 'R' 'repair', no-go. I then tried reloading Win Xp over the top but again it didn't work. The options then as given via the CD was to delete the existing Win entry.
This I did (Took less than a minuite). Now when I try and see what is on the drive it says there is only 10Mb, and that is a folder. I cannot have got rid of the files in that short time. Is there any way out of the mess I'm in? It is Fat 32 by the way. Is all lost?

  Confab 21:38 09 Jul 2003

OK so you've got a 120GB hard drive that doesn't work?
"After repeated errors" on your 120GB drive why did you add a further 17gb drive before sorting out the original problem?

What were that repeated errors? What were the error messages.

Why did you not get a back up or restore CD or an o/s CD.

I don't say this often but probably the easiest ting to do would be to remove the 17GB drive and reformat the 120GB drive and start from scratch.

  peterleemaxwell 21:49 09 Jul 2003

Thanks Confab,
I could re-format and that could be the only option, but I will try and get the files on there if poss. I did not get a back-up or a Win CD with the system when I bought it, 'Time' do not supply things like that. If I purchased again tomorrow it would be the very last place I would go. I will try to find another helpful constructive person to help. When I've been on this forum before I have had excellent unpaid help form some top class people. Even though on this occasion I well have made a bad error I still hope to get some advice on how I can get at the files that are still there.

  woodchip 21:59 09 Jul 2003

If you get Partition Magic it will tell you what partitions you have got, also Norton utilities Disc Doctor is good at fixing disc problems

  peterleemaxwell 22:04 09 Jul 2003

Thanks woodchip,
I did try Partition Magic and it said all was bad. There was an action to 'Make active' but I didn't understand that so I'll have to read up on the the manual.
Thanks for your input.

  Confab 12:50 10 Jul 2003

Sorry peterleemaxwell I wasn't trying to be unhelpful I just didn't quite grasp your problem.

You could try one of the file recovery progs like click here or click here or maybe someone could recommend another prog from you to try to get to your files. I would then probably go for a re-format and re-install. It may be your only option.

  peterleemaxwell 13:00 10 Jul 2003

Hi Confab,
A big thanks for the help. Without you guys us mere mortals would not stand a chance with Windows. We do from time to time drop ......!
I only hope I can retrieve the files.

  woodchip 13:04 10 Jul 2003

If the partition is not active, you cannot do anything with it so that's the first thing to do with partition magic

  peterleemaxwell 13:07 10 Jul 2003

Thanks woodchip
I'll try that.

  peterleemaxwell 17:38 17 Jul 2003

Tried a few things, a programme called 'Magic Recovery' showed the files still there but on the disc then, in Partition Magic 8 it stated that the file system was just 'Fat' 10.1Mb in size with 6.08Mb free space. Is all lost? Any suggestions?
Nothing it seems is easy. In the end I may just have to learn to 'back-up' more and re-format, but before the last option I would like to try and get entry to copy the files.

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