Disc defragmentor

  ZIG-ZAG 09:21 09 Apr 2003

Disc defragmentor does not work. It goes from 0%-1% then back again and dores not display the menu. Just a blank scereen.

  Pesala 09:26 09 Apr 2003

Download Diskeeper Lite from click here

It is a Freeware defragmentation program that will run in the background, and completes the task more quickly.

  anchor 09:46 09 Apr 2003

Yes, Diskeeper lite is good. Also, you could try defragging in Safe Mode.

  Andsome 09:53 09 Apr 2003

I recently downloaded and installed Diskeeper Lite, and found that it is excellent. It only takes a few minutes to defrag a drive. HOWEVER, unfortunately it WILL NOT run in the background. To get this facility you have to install the paid for program, having uninstalled the Lite program first.

  ZIG-ZAG 09:53 09 Apr 2003

No menu on screen.

  Mango Grummit 10:00 09 Apr 2003

How long have you had this problem?

What OS are you using?

  anchor 10:15 09 Apr 2003

To defrag in safe mode, restart your PC, and keep pressing F8. You will be given the option to start in Safe made. Choose that, and when windows has loaded, defrag. Should have no probs then.

  Pesala 10:37 09 Apr 2003


I am now running Disk-keepter Lite in the background. Unlike the Windows defragmenter, it does not keep restarting if you make any changes to he disk. It just keeps chugging along while you are working. The only problem I noticed was with trying to run Disk-keeper together with AVG virus scanner, which is hardly surprising considering the amount of disk activity with a virus scan.

I started it at 10:16:30 and will post this message when it is finished.

  Andsome 11:01 09 Apr 2003

Am I missing something? I have tried various sttings, but keep getting a message that 'this option is only available on the full version'. The program is excellent, but I honestly cannot see how to set it to run continuously in the background. I have been think about buying the full version. Any advice would be welcome

  Andsome 11:05 09 Apr 2003

I think that I have suddenly cottoned on. Do you mean that you set it to run, and then carry on doing other things on the computer??? If so I already do this even with Norton System Works and Norton Firewall running. What I was refering to was to be able to set it to constantly keep the disc defragged, I think that this is possible in the bought version.

  tbh72 11:05 09 Apr 2003

Zig-Zag, Have you run scandisk first. When you run scandisk select the option to automatically fix errors. Defrag WONT work if the disk has error's such as reporting incorrect size etc.

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