Disc Defragmenter

  Iceman244 15:13 28 Mar 2005

My Disc defragmenter will not run and hasnt for ages.

It just stays on 0% complete all the time.

Any ideas


  Jaymz87 15:24 28 Mar 2005

what OS are you running?
is it the default defrag utility that came with your OS, or is it one youve downloaded?

Any extra info you can give will help us out with answering your question.

  Iceman244 15:41 28 Mar 2005

I am running Windows 98 and it is the original defragmenter do you need anything else.



  Wak 15:45 28 Mar 2005

I would initially suggest that Disc Defrag will not run if any other program or file is running. One way is to run Disc Defrag in Safe Mode and the other way is to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and halt all programs except Explorer and Systray.
I would also suggest that if you are running Win 98SE that you go to click here
and download the newdefrag.zip file which was made for Windows ME and follow the instructions to install.
This Defrag file runs about 10 times faster than the original Win 98SE file and appears to be more stable.

  Iceman244 15:51 28 Mar 2005

How do i go into safe mode and should i still download the newdefrag.Zip file you suggested.

out of curiosity how important is it to defragment your PC and does it help it run faster.



  VoG II 16:10 28 Mar 2005

Safe Mode click here

But you need not do that if you defrag usink Diskeeper Lite click here

Yes - it will speed things up.

  Wak 19:41 28 Mar 2005

Try the Diskeeper Lite if you wish as suggested by VoG and then try the newdefrag.zip file method after following instructions.
It can always be reverted if necessary.
My 20GB H/Drive is about one third full and now defrags in about 3 minutes using the newdefrag.zip file.
If you try both you can then decide which is the best for you.

  billbod 20:01 28 Mar 2005

Try diskeeper lite

click here

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