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  Furkin 10:48 14 May 2010

I'm just trying to copy 3 DVD's.
I have tried to copy to DVD-R and DVD+R.
My drives are Sony Optiarc & LG SuperMulti.
I keep getting the message "cannot copy to this type of disc".
When I look at the source discs, they say: CDFS (disc 1 total size = 611mb. 2 = 3.83 gb. 3 = 1.35 gb).
I'm using a Nero version.

The Sony drive is fairly new & only been used for CD's before.

Any ideas please ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:09 14 May 2010

HAve you selected DVD instaed of CD in Nero?

  Furkin 12:06 14 May 2010

ooooops - no.
I just clicked COPY DISC,,,, expecting to just,,,, erm,,,, copy the disc.
I'll look into that now, thanks.

  Furkin 12:40 14 May 2010

This is NERO SmartStart.

I didn't find an option to actually change format, but got a message telling me about Simulate (under Options)

Don't know anything about it, but by clicking that, made things o.k.

Thanks for your time FB.

I gotta small query for Media Player, so will put that up soon.

all the best - another Result.

  Furkin 13:00 14 May 2010

another "ooooooops".
I was a bit too fast in replying.
Although it did copy the first disc, i'm now back to square 1.

Obviously made sure i'd clicked Simulate under Option,,,, but to no avail this time.

Instead of clicking COPY DISC, should I be clicking DATA DISC ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:17 14 May 2010

Start Nero Start Smart
On the upper menu change your media type to DVD
Go to photo and video icon
Select Make your own DVD/Video

On the palette that appears
Select from the right side icons ADD VIDEO FILES

Browse and select the videos you want to insert in the disc
After inserting all the video Click NEXT

On the SELECT MENU page
Select if you want to have menus and chapters on your DVD
By clicking on the inside the preview screen you can change the design of your DVD by changing the background picture, text , color, etc.
Then click NEXT

On the PREVIEW page
You can try your DVD settings with a remote control on screen
Then select NEXT

On the BURN page
Select Burn to "your burner" not image recorder otherwise it will create an image that will be saved on your computer that you can burn later on.
Click BURN

Wait till the program tells you that it has finished and click next... your DVD will come out of the drive and it will be finished.

  Furkin 10:25 15 May 2010

Thanks again FB: This was my 'todays' do list.
Apparently, my version of 'Lite' doesn't have the buttons that you state.
Right at the beginning, I don't have the Media/DVD button.
I only installed SmartStart a couple of days ago, so I looked for an update. This gave me a version of N.9 'Lite'.
I've lost a couple of options that were down the left of the Start page,,, but Data Burn & Copy Disc are still there.
Neither will do what I want ie: just copy a disc.
Having said that, it did copy ONE disc (of 3) yesterday & I hadn't altered anything when I tried for disc 2 - but this time it said "can't copy to this type of disc" - which it had already done.

I s'pose my version has Disabled features,,,, until I pay for for a proper upgrade ?!

1/ Should a freebie version be able to do what I want (& as you state above) ?
2/ Any recommendations of a Freebie that will ?

As you will have guessed, I don't copy a lot of DVD stuff,,,,,, & M.Player takes care CD/MP3 stuff.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:19 15 May 2010

You can not copy protected DVDs direct from Disc to Disc.

When ever I need to copy a DVD I usually use something like DVD shrink click here or DVD decrypter click here

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