Disc Clean-up error

  [DELETED] 20:15 28 Apr 2003

If i right-click on the properties drop-down of my hard-drive in Control Panel and try the disc clean-up I get the following error message on a blue screen: "A fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:C02F26AC in VXD NAVAP(02) + 0001982C" and then press any key to continue. Another blue screen follows with the same error message but with "0246:016747FB" comes up instead. Any ideas, please?

  hugh-265156 20:46 28 Apr 2003

try running it in safe mode then do a defrag and disk check whilst your in there.if it does it ok in safe mode this would normaly point to programs running like antivirus etc.

  [DELETED] 20:59 28 Apr 2003

Thanks for your reply huggy. Sadly you are talking to a novice. How do I get it into safe mode and consequently out again? Thanks

  [DELETED] 21:16 28 Apr 2003

I agree with huggyg71 - NAVAP sounds just like Norton AV.

  [DELETED] 21:28 28 Apr 2003

That's when my PC went funny too when I installed Norton anti virus...is Norton's virus no good or do other anti virus programmes cause similar problems?

  [DELETED] 21:34 28 Apr 2003

click here
HAVE A LOOK AT NO 48 THIS In my experience should do the trick

  [DELETED] 21:37 28 Apr 2003

In my experience this should do the trick no 48
click here

  hugh-265156 00:39 29 Apr 2003

sorry for the delay Kernow999 to get into safe mode turn on the computer and look for something like advanced start up options on the lower half of the screen.it normally says press F8(on mine anyway)then you will have the choice of safe mode safe mode with networking vga mode etc etc.select safe mode by using up down buttons and press enter.then wait as it is a bit slow on starting.you will get a warning messege that the computer is running in safe mode and safe mode will be displayed in the four corners of the screen.go ahead now and do the disk clean up defrag and check.you will have limited access to some programs also in this mode as its really only for troubleshooting conflicts etc and some programs wont run or the task bar desktop will be not the same as normal all very basic.but as have said above is a good way to check if software is causing problems as only the basic drivers are loaded.always defrag clean up etc in safe mode a lot less hassle.hope that all makes sense.of course if this now works you need to find out which program/s is causing the problem.ameba above mentioned norton i would tend to agree as have had problems in the past.graphics card drivers also.but i would start at the last thing installed remove try and work my way back.or try system restore to a time when you know all was ok.

  hugh-265156 00:46 29 Apr 2003

ameba nortons a great antivirus but i found it to be a wee bit complicated for my use anyway.i like to set and forget.zone alarm is my current firewall and would recommend it click here (bottom right of screen for free adition) sometimes truevector internet monitor a part of zonealarm services can cause problems conflicts with this but on the whole very easy to set up and use.also is another popular one ive use in the past and is just as good.i think zonealarm is updated more frequently though.

  hugh-265156 00:48 29 Apr 2003

sorry forgot to put the click here after also

  [DELETED] 00:25 30 Apr 2003

Brilliant, guys. Thanks for your help. I have ditched Norton. Seems to be ok now. Worked out the Safe Mode bit too! Speak again soon, no doubt!!

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