Disc Boot Failure

  Scubaman 12:37 25 Aug 2010

I have just cloned my HDD using the Seagate Wizard and lo and behold when I installed the replacement drive (a 200GB drive) as the master and booted up, guess what... Disc Boot Failure - Insert Sytem Disc. If I press reset button, (I have a wireless keyboard so can't Ctrl Alt Del)it boots up fine, just like the last HDD. Is there a fault somewhere else or is it a coincidence that the replacement drive is faulty? I ran Belarc Advisor and the SMART showed Failed yet for my slave drive it showed Status : Healthy.

  woodchip 13:15 25 Aug 2010

At Command Prompt you need to run the FIX BOOT command. As the boot sector is corrupt or damaged.

Try the above and try FIX MBR if the above do not work. on the Hard Drive there is small we can call it a file, this can be replaced if the one at the front of the drive gets damaged as above with the good one from the back of the drive, by running one of the commands above. you may be able to run this from a prompt after tapping F8 as PC is starting, it may be in the list of ways to start-up

  mgmcc 20:14 25 Aug 2010

The fact that it fails to boot initially, but then boots after pressing the 'reset' button, might indicate that the drive isn't spinning up quickly enough to be able to boot from it. Is this an old PC in which you've installed a much larger drive that spins at 7200rpm instead of 5400rpm?

  Scubaman 15:09 26 Aug 2010

I tried the path C: Fix Boot and C: Fix Mbr but both times it returned to the C:\Documents and Settings\... etc prompt.

I looked at the HDD's and neither show the RPM. How can I find this?

  woodchip 16:02 26 Aug 2010

Try it without the gap FIXMBR FIXBOOT

  mgmcc 18:08 26 Aug 2010

I've just checked a couple of spare drives I have - one specifies the speed as 7200rpm, the other doesn't show speed. If you can get the exact drive detail, either from the drive itself or from Properties in Device Manager, you should be able to find the speed from the manufacturer's website, or with a Google search.

If it was a problem with the MBR, the drive wouldn't boot at all, even after pressing the Reset button. Repairing the Master Boot Record won't do any harm, but I suspect that isn't the source of your problem.

  woodchip 22:19 26 Aug 2010

Never know speed of a hard drive to stop a PC booting either

  Scubaman 22:46 26 Aug 2010

I downloaded Active SMART software and it showed my 200GB boot drive with a Spin Up fault failure imminent and advised that I changed the HDD immediately. I have installed another HDD and booted OK so far. Will let you know what happens next.

  Scubaman 09:38 01 Sep 2010

After trying almost everything I trawled the net and found a site where it was suggested that I check the BIOS and make sure that the first boot was the HDD, and that if it was the CD then there was a problem with this device. I don't know if it was co-incidence or what but since I changed the first boot to HDD I have had no problems. I know I have a dodgy CD as I have to press the open button several times before it responds, so will replace that ASAP. Thanks for everything lads.

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