disaster with ISP

  rdave13 19:45 09 Oct 2004

I was blocked by my ISP because of block email.Contacted them and followed their advice and here is what followed.Checked my "sent email" but that was normal. Downloaded McAfee program to check against sasser worm,trojans etc.,nothing. My firewall showed no attacks;avast antivirus showed nothing and ad-aware anti spyware showed the same-zilch.
Then something funny started to happen to my computer. Command prompt window started to appear atleast three times on bootup.Then up to four and then after I went on line! I gave up today and reloaded computer to factory settings.Everythings fine now but makes me wonder if there is another superbug out there? Any ideas?

  spuds 15:08 10 Oct 2004

It could be here click here

  rdave13 17:07 10 Oct 2004

Thanks for info.

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