Disappointing sound quality...S/card or speakers?

  SpyMan {:o)){--< 11:31 29 Feb 2004

I have just got a new computer but am quite disapponted with the sound quality.

My new set-up is:

Soundblaster audigy 2zs platinum,
Creative t7700 7.1 surround sound speakers.

Which do you think is the culprit of the poor sound quality??

I used to have an audigy 2 and creative 5.1 surround sound speakers but they were able to go louder with less distortion...



  Paranoid Android 12:20 29 Feb 2004

I suspect the T7700s are the culprit.


  hugh-265156 14:46 29 Feb 2004

are you using analogue or coax cables? check your settings in audioHQ.

have you tried any suggestions from click here

if you are getting scratchy distorted sound try moving the soundcard as far away from the graphics card as possiable.

  Stuartli 15:39 29 Feb 2004

Might just be something as simple as not putting the right leads into the right sockets...

Also have a look at your Volume Control mixer - something may have been muted or the slider set too high or low and is affecting your system (double click on the Volume icon in the Task Bar).

There are also facilities to mute sound in such programs as Windows Media Player - this may have inadvertently be enabled or the WMP volume control turned down too low.

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