Disappointing photograph printing

  ened 17:37 10 Jun 2005

I am a little dissatisfied with the photographic results of my Canon Pixma IP6000D.
It appears to be favouring greens and making them almost unrealistically vivid.

Is there a way of setting up XP so that what you see on the screen is what you print?

Also I am now using cartridges from 'Choice'and am wondering if I should have stuck to Canon originals.

When I perform a 'nozzle check' it is all very faint (although not fragmented) and I am wondering if that is meant to be.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  Shas 17:53 10 Jun 2005

I have Epson printers both at work and at home. I always use originals at work because the one time I bought compatibles everything came out green, but decided to give them one more try for my home printer. Although lots of people swear by compatibles, I'd never get them again. First thing I printed came out very pink. Used the 'clean print head' facility and that improved it, but the colour is still not as good as with the original cartridges. (Bought from Choice as well, but I wouldn't say it was them particularly, I've just never found compatibles to be as good.)

Not help exactly, but at least you're not alone in your problem!

  absent 18:22 10 Jun 2005

Are you using Canon photo paper and if so do you change your printer preferences to the necessary type of paper?

  ened 18:34 10 Jun 2005

I am using photographic paper from Aldi which has produced excellent results in the past.
I will try again with some Canon paper tomorrow.

Thanks Shas: Is anybody else dissatisfied with compatibles?
Anybody pleased with them?
How about the synchronisation between monitor and printer question?

  spuds 19:09 10 Jun 2005

I have used Choices customer services in the past, and I found them very knowledgeable. Why not give them a ring, and explain the problem to them, perhaps they have the solution!.

  maveric 19:15 10 Jun 2005

I use cartridge world to refill my originals, they seem just as good for photos, but a bit cheaper. Have a lexmark printer and an epson. Hope this helps a bit?

  961 20:09 10 Jun 2005

If you are unhappy with the results then the first option has to be to go back to the original cartridges and paper

If that solves the problem then try one alternative paper or cartridge at a time

If your nozzle check is not right, your pictures won't be either

  Bagsey 20:24 10 Jun 2005

I always use compat. cartridges from Choice and find them to be very good. I use whatever glossy paper that I can get my hands on , usually from PC World or some super market deal. I also use Paintshop Pro7 to manipulate the images before printing. I am satisfied with the results.
I use an Epson R300 and noticed that last week I was starting to get a bluey green tinge over my pictures. I was then told that my Black cart was near the end of its life. I changed the cart. and all was well again.

  brambles 21:11 10 Jun 2005

I have a Canon Printer & get good photographic results using original cartridges & Canon Matte Photo Paper MP-101.


  dukeboxhero 21:57 10 Jun 2005

sounds like a cartrige prob i would try a canon original

  ened 06:51 11 Jun 2005

Does anybody know how to synchronise monitor and printer ?

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