Disappearing text from desktop!

  Rikardos 12:46 05 Nov 2003

I don't know why this is happening so if anyone can shed any light I'd be very grateful!

It mostly happens after my girlfriend has been playing on the Sims for a few hours (and to be quite honest I can't remember whether it's ever happened on another program but it mostly occurs with this), and basically the text starts disappearing from the desktop.

The icons stay there (of which I have plenty) but the text just vanishes, and to add insult to injury the Start button text also goes and when I click on Turn Off Computer the buttons appear in the middle of the screen without the text below and not inside the box (i.e. just the buttons in the middle of the desktop).

I've run both AVG and Avast! on the machine to cover all bases (both updated to latest versions) and Ad-Aware! in case it was some malicious little virus/spyware (which was my first thought) and come up with nought.
My case is well ventilated and I've got a Xaser III case which has got all 7 fans working at max speed (internal temp. of about 35oC idle, 45-50oC under full load). Specs as follows:

Althlon 2800+ with OEM heatsink
1GB DDR3200 Adata Memory
Sapphire Atlantis 9700Pro with Catalyst 3.8 (though the problems were there before I updated)
Terratec 24/96DMX sound card
Asus AN78X Deluxe Version 2.0 motherboard
Xaser III case

Many thanks to anyone who has any thoughts on this

  Pesala 18:00 05 Nov 2003

I find that running lots of programs together can sometimes cause icons to disappear. If the problem disappears after you reboot, just do that. If the problem persists, change your girlfriend. (O_O)

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