Disappearing Slave HDD

  trevpearson 21:29 08 Jan 2005

I've just installed a 40 gig slave HDD to help out my overworked out 20 gig Master. (No laughter, please).

The BIOS found the slave, as did (initially) XP PRO, I worked away moving stuff from Master to Slave, no problems.

However, on subsequent start up's, the slave drive "disappears" from Windows and I have to drop into the BIOS settings (which still see the slave) and re-boot. Voila, the slave is seen by Windows.

I am quite used to fitting HDD's but this has got me beat.

Any idea's how to solve this one?


  trevpearson 20:39 09 Jan 2005


  bremner 20:46 09 Jan 2005

You say you drop into the BIOS which still seesthe drive - what do you do in the BIOS that makes Windows see it.

Or is it just the reboot that does it.

  mrdsgs 20:47 09 Jan 2005

sounds like loose/faulty molex power connector.

or underpowered psu

or faulty/loose ide cable


  Carpigiani 20:47 09 Jan 2005

As you are used to fitting hard drives I am sure you have checked all of the connections.
Something else that can cause this is a loose jumper on the master/slave pins, worth checking to see if the jumper is a tight fit.

  trevpearson 22:38 09 Jan 2005

Done all the good things, however since posting the request for help, the drive is now being seen by Windows. Very weird!!!!

Thanks to all who responded.


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