Disappearing Scans

  dogbreath1 09:56 01 May 2010


Yesterday, I scanned a number of images, viewed and edited the files and then decided that I'd move them from C:/ to E:/ (a partition on the same drive).

They just disappeared. I've searched using various filter criteria including 'file name includes', 'file date' and 'file type'. Nowhere to be found on either C:/ or E:/.

I've also checked the Recycle Bin.

Never experienced anything quite like this. Any ideas on attempting a recovery??



  howard64 09:59 01 May 2010

it could be that you have put them in a different place eg my scanner prog always tries to put them in its own folder. Look in programs - scanner and each folder within.

  dogbreath1 10:02 01 May 2010

Not sure what you mean.

I've already viewed the scans and edited the files on my C:/ drive. They were there.

It's only when I tried moving them to drive E:/ that they disappeared.

  howard64 10:05 01 May 2010

yes but there are many folders within the scanner prog and it could have put them in one of them. You also may have them in a hidden folder so make sure hidden folders etc are showing.

  ronalddonald 10:28 01 May 2010

did you copy and paste them or send them to e drive,

if you look under my documents and settings possibly under your name and then one of the programs there its should be there. or in one of the many files that are there,

have you tried to search for the names of the documents using start search function

  dogbreath1 10:47 01 May 2010

I didn't use 'send' or 'cut and paste'.

I used the Edit>Move To Folder function.

I have tried the Start>Search function, using various filter criteria including 'file name includes', 'file date' and 'file type'

  northumbria61 11:17 01 May 2010

Normally a scanner will save scanned images inside the "pictures" or "my pictures" folder. Look for a folder in there with a name like Scanner or Toolbox.
They have got to be somewhere on your computer.

  dogbreath1 13:19 01 May 2010

I think that I am not explaining myself well enough.

I scanned three batches of documents with the resultant files being output to C:\Documents and Settings\dogbreath\My Documents into three separate folders.

These files were then edited whilst still in those three folders in My Documents.

On completion of editing, I attempted to move the three folders simultaneously to E:\My Projects using the Edit>Move To A Folder function. After disappearing from C:\Documents and Settings\dogbreath\My Documents (as one would expect),
they could not be found in E:\My Projects.

Searches (Start>Search) of C:\ & E:\ by file type (.jpeg), date, file/folder name, file/folder name contains the following text, etc. etc., all threw up a blank. Neither were they in the Recycle Bin.

  dogbreath1 15:34 01 May 2010

Thanks for trying.

Matter resolved in that I've rescanned all of the documents.

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