jack 21:53 28 Apr 2004

so i have gone XP at last.
Downloaded the lagacy drivers for my old kit including the modem
Rockwell KC5602 serial external v90 K56k fax/voice. by Pacific image and comms

Set up dial up, explorer and outlook express.
When I attempt to go on line through IE6 or Explorer, the dial up panel invariably errors with
differing messages message 1 could be 'cannot establish connection' or 2 'Cannot find remote computer' if the modem dialled.
Some times the modem does not dial , and I get cannot find modem, or 'Modem is busy'

However if I dial out on the connection direct, ir invaribly does connect to the ISP and from there explorer or IE6 will load and perform.
If I go to the ISP help line and they talk me through the settings it works fine for that session.
But when the conputer is restarted next day say - it will have all gone bad again.
Whats to do?

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