Disappearing IDE disk

  squ1rrel 22:22 23 Mar 2004

My box has been quietly ticking away for a while with no h/w changes. All of a sudden I got a warning about the C drive not responding and then Windows froze. On reboot, it failed to find the disk on the IDE probe. I left it for a while and tried again - the disk was found and Windows booted normally.

Since then, either the disk is not found and so fails to boot, or is ok for a while until it crashes again.

The front case fan was blocked with dust and is not working. Could that have caused sufficient overheating to make the drive fail?

Is it time to replace the drive? Or do you have any other ideas?

Disk is a IBM Deskstar 40GB about 3 years old.

  AdeJ 23:16 23 Mar 2004

Is bios detecting it?

  User-312386 23:19 23 Mar 2004

open the case and see if the computer runs ok with air around it

If it runs ok then i would get another fan

  squ1rrel 02:20 25 Mar 2004

From power-up, it seems to run for a while ok, then there's a click from the disk and it doesn't respond from then on. From a soft reboot, the bios cannot find the disk.

A power-cycle usually brings it back to life for a while - maybe 10 minutes. Taking the case side off to get the air makes little difference.

  961 08:33 25 Mar 2004

I should prepare for the worst and get your important files off it while you can

After that you can start to investigate the problem which could be hard disk failure, overheating, cable failure, mobo failure or merely a loose cable/connection

  oldal 09:38 25 Mar 2004

I have seen this problem several times. Most common cause is cabling. Try replugging cables to drive (power and data) at both ends. If this doesn't fix it try replacing the data cable, its cheaper than buying a new drive. Also back up your files asap as 961 suggests.

  norman47 09:40 25 Mar 2004

The click sound is not very encouraging. Have you got SMART enabled in the bios, although not fool proof, it could give you advanced warning of complete hard disk failure.

Do you know the model number of the deathstar, er deskstar hard drive?

Also as been said above, try using a different IDE cable or swap to the secondary channel IDE cable, just to see if it's not just a problem cable.

  medicine hat 09:44 25 Mar 2004

Is this of use: click here ?

  TBH1 11:23 25 Mar 2004

use the utility you can get from hitachi/ibm site - -this checks your disk for errors and informs you what needs doing . Whatever you do, back up as soon as possible as you maybe luckier than most when disks fail ie, you're getting a bit of warning. Drive Health Utility I think that thingie is called from hitachi - -

  squ1rrel 09:26 26 Mar 2004

961, oldal: I have backups now...

oldal: I've tried replacing the data cable, but no difference.

norman47: SMART is enabled but is not reporting problems. The model number is 60GXP. I haven't tried moving to the secondary IDE but will try.

medicine hat: Very interesting link - though I'm not clear whether 60GXP uses GMR as in 75GXP.

TBH1: I have the DFT utility from hitachi/ibm. The quick scan shows no problems, but it fails during the advanced scan. The error reported is bad sectors, but I think that's bogus - it fails a different sectors and always just after the click sound. After the click the "rescan bus" function fails to find the drives.

The good news is that I've found it is still in warranty - just! Hitachi reckon I have 29 days left to the end of the 3-year warranty so I've got the RMA number and will be shipping it back to Netherlands real soon now.

Many thanks for all your help and advice.

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