Disappearing icons on system tray

  MagsD 18:24 07 Dec 2004

The icons on the system tray have a habit of disappearing. This usually happens after I have been on the Internet.Any reason for this?

  mattyc_92 19:25 07 Dec 2004

What do you mean "disappearing". Do you mean they actually go away or go in the "hiding unactive icons" thing?

  MagsD 21:20 07 Dec 2004

I don't know what you mean by "hiding unactive icons".After I have disconnected from the Internet, there are no icons showing in the system tray.If I point my mouse over the area then it tells me the name of an icon, but it is not visible.

  Matata 16:52 23 Aug 2005

I have read about the diappearing icons in the system tray and have followed the advice of various people but this still has not brought back the various missing icons. Has any body any idea why these icons disappear, never to return and how I can get them back so that they appear automatically when I start my computer. Also do these icons need to be in the system tray, what is their purpose.
Thank you

  Hamish 16:58 23 Aug 2005

Have a look at this site. click here

Also try typing Missing icons in system tray in Google search box.

Hope this helps

  rawprawn 17:34 23 Aug 2005

click here Try this, I seem to be pushing this free program this afternoon, I hope you have XP.

  Matata 17:46 23 Aug 2005

Incidentally I run windows millenium
from Matata

  MagsD 00:44 24 Aug 2005

I had forgotten to tick this question and was surprised to see 4 emails today saying I had replies to my query. I had posted this originally(over 8 months ago) when I had a problem on my old computer which was ME.As I now have a new computer with XP i now understand mattyc_92's reply about "hiding unactive icons" as this was not available on ME

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