Disappearing Hard Drive Disk Space - Pleae Help!

  webber_man 10:43 11 Jul 2006


I posted in the forum (here's the link click here) and thought i'd begin a new post with more info.

I have a HP NX9005 laptop which has a 40gb hard drive and 512mb RAM. I connect to the net using a Netgear wireless router (DG834G) and my laptop connect wirelessly.

Over the past week or so i have noticed that my HDD free space has been going down. It has reached as low as 118mb! After deleting a few big, unwanted files it went back up again, but then began to go down again soon afterwards.

I have now deleted the restore points, my Norton protected files, the recycle bin, plus other large files that i didn't want.

After gaining 14.3GB of free space at about 10pm last night, i have now lost another 1GB in the 12 hours since then! Surely 1GB in 12 hours is a bit excessive?

My current space available is showing as 13.2GB.

I have looked high and low on the net and carried out a few suggestions but the problem still persists. Can anyone please offer any othr advice?


  ArrGee 10:49 11 Jul 2006

What is the drive filling up with? Have you had a look at the current processes that are running (by pressing CTRL - ALT and Delete)? It may be worth Googling each process to see exactly what they do and whether or not you need them. You can then start eliminating the ones that are not required or are suspicious.

Also worth checking you start-up items prior to doing this.

You can download a free start-up manager if you click here

  webber_man 10:59 11 Jul 2006

Hi - thanks for the quick reply.

I should have mentioned that i have downloaded and used Sequoia View (click here), which was recommended by someone else when i had a similar problem on my parents PC. That time it was Windows Anti Spyware that was creating a huge log file that was taking up the space. I don't have that on my laptop and, using SequoiaView i cannot see any particular file that is gaining a large amount of space.

I have checked my start up programmes and there are just the essentials there. Also, there isn't anything major in the processes - the larger ones are all 'normal' ... Firefox, Explorer, MSN, AVG.

  ArrGee 11:11 11 Jul 2006

Very strange! Try using the machine in safe mode and see if this still happens. If there is minimal change during use in safe mode, then it sounds like a process will be the culprit.

  De Marcus™ 11:14 11 Jul 2006

I mentioned this in your last post but it's ticked so I'll mention it here.

Does Norton have the facility for the protected files feature to be disabled? If so try it.

  We5ty 12:01 11 Jul 2006

Have you got Google Desktop Search installed?

I had a problem with one PC where the search index folder was 50GB & would change erratically!

Removing the program and deleting the index folder cured the issue.

  webber_man 12:10 11 Jul 2006

ArrGee - thanks again. Will try your suggestion for a bit when i have a quiet moment and don't need the web etc.

De Marcus - sorry, i ticked that post as i had started this one. Yes, there is a way to disable the feature, and i have now done that. But i have only regained 300mb of the 1.4gb lost since last night. So i'm guessing that isn't the culprit.

Will keep looking! Thanks for the help guys.

  webber_man 12:11 11 Jul 2006

No, i haven't got that installed. Thanks

  sebina12 12:24 11 Jul 2006

You could try MRUBlaster (removes most recently used lists in your registry which could be hogging space), Adaware (removes adware) and Spywareblaster (so long as it's updated, prevents spyware, adware etc from being installed in the first place). Another thing that you could do is open 'My Computer', click on 'Tools' on the menu bar, then on 'Folder Options', then select the 'View Tab'. Unselect 'Hide Extensions for known files and folders' and select 'Show hidden files and folders'. You should then notice anything that is unusual in Windows Explorer but again search it in Google if you are want to know more. click here

  sebina12 12:33 11 Jul 2006

You could try opening 'My Computer', selecting 'Tools' from the menu bar, then selecting 'Folder Options'. Select the 'View' tab and then select 'Show hidden files and folders' and then unselect 'Hide Extensions for known files and folders'. You might then spot anything you don't recognise and then begin to find ways to deal with it.
You could also try using MRUBlaster (removes most recently used lists from your registry that could be hogging space), Adaware (removes adware etc), Spywareblaster (prevents adware, spyware etc from being installed in the first place) and HiJackThis (post the findings here so that everyone can help you). click here

  sebina12 13:28 11 Jul 2006

My apologies for entering the same thing twice. I'm at work and the computer that they have here is not the best!

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