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  palinka 22:01 20 Oct 2005

I wrote about this months ago , thought it was solved, but it isn't: my friend uses a laptop, OS is XP SP2. She's on a PAYG dial-up connection. From new she's had occasional problems when disconnecting from her ISP - ie she clicks on the connection icon, clicks "Disconnect" and it doesn't; sometimes it freezes there and the only way she can get out is to unplug from the mains or remove the battery. This is causing problems with her email. Yesterday, typically, 11 emails arrived, she opened the last one but decided to leave the others unopened at that time; tried to disconnect; freeze-up;she unplugged from the mains.
When she re-booted, the one she had opened was still there as were the first 6 unopened, but the last 4 unopened emails had disappeared . Fortunately she was still able to get them via webmail because I had set things to leave a copy on the server.
Can anyone suggest any solution to the problem of disconnecting from OE; and perhaps why the emails disappear. (tho I'm inclined to think this is because the server doesn't think it has "delivered" them. Unfortunately I didn't ask her if it ever happens that mails higher up the list disappear of if, as tioday, it's always the last ones that disappear.

  palinka 22:02 20 Oct 2005

Should have said she uses OE.

  mgmcc 08:14 21 Oct 2005

Try connecting and disconnecting manually if you currently have Outlook Express dialling the connection and hanging up after checking mail.

In Internet Explorer's menus, "Tools > Internet options", select the Connections tab and then the option for "Never dial a connection".

In Outlook Express's menus, "Tools > Options", select the Connections tab and untick the box for "Hang up after sending and receiving".

The connection can then be established manually by double clicking its entry in the Network Connections folder, or by placing a shortcut to it on the desktop and using that. Disconnect by right clicking the connection in the System Tray and selecting "Disconnect".

  palinka 16:05 21 Oct 2005

She DOES disconnect manually, by right clicking the icon in the system tray, etc.; and it's when she does that that things freeze - but (I should have said when I started this thread ) this is not all the time; it's an intermittent problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:11 21 Oct 2005

OE Freezing
Disable AVG by right clicking the icon and selecting close - i can't remember the exact wording but you see and option to close the shield or something.

If OE now opens OK you need to clear out loads of rubbish from your folders. Basically AVG is scanning all the folders every time OE opens and if you have loads of attachments (esp big pics) it can cause OE to hang as it times out whilst waiting for AVG to finish scanning. Once you have deleted all can afford to loose empty the deleted items and then File, Folder, Compact All Folders.

Reboot and OE should be OK whilst AVG is running. Just remember that you need to make sure you don't build up loads of old mail in your OE.

remarkably common problem with AVG and OE.

  splork 16:14 21 Oct 2005

Is the modem working properly, does she get a decent connection speed?
Try sticking another dialup connection in , UK2 for example click here, and see how the PC reacts to dis/connecting with the new number.

Does her ISP install specific dialing software on her PC, like BTYahoo used to, don't know if they do now.

  palinka 17:01 22 Oct 2005

thanks, everyone for your suggestions.Fruit Bat /\0/\, I'd always thought the problem was something to do with the closing down; your suggestion is that it's the opening again that causes the emails to vanish, if I understand aright. I'll suggest that she checks that possibility.

  palinka 19:19 08 Nov 2005

It's been a long time and I still don't have a solution, but just to be able to tick resolved:- I thought Fruit Bat /\0/\ had hit on a likely explanation until I remembered that my friend has had this problem from new, and for the first 15 months that she had this laptop she used Norton - and the fault existed then. I wonder if it's a graphics card problem, but whatever it is I've shown her how to get the missing mails on webmail as they are left on her server, so she is no longer panicking and has decided to live with the problem. thank you all for your efforts.

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