Disappearing DMA

  The Lenge 13:44 23 Aug 2003

I frequently have to re-install 'Via 4in1 Service Pack Driver' (V4.35) from my motherboard, to watch DVD and Windows Media Player.
Once it has been installed, every thing works fine for a few days, then I have to install the driver,again.
The DMA box, in Device Manager, is always ticked as 'enabled', so why does I should I have to keep installing the driver simply to 'enable' DMA?
My system is 1.3GHz (Athlone)with 256 DDR RAM and 40GB harddrive, running Windows ME.

  The Lenge 19:00 18 Jun 2006

This problem has been solved.

  Zak 20:45 18 Jun 2006

Please say how you resolved your problem.


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