disappearing cdrw drive

  taggs 21:12 16 Mar 2005

hi everybody,
i have just replaced 1 of my 2 cdrw dvd drives with a new benq daul layer drive, this drive works perfectly with good results, unfortunatly my other drive a sony cdrw dvd crx300e drive disappears on startup,

to enable the drive i have to go into device manager scan 4 changes then the drive is reconigsed until next startup,

i have uninstalled and reinstalled both drives, checked cabled etc and have now run out of ideas
each drive is on a different ide

windows xp sp2 2400 athlon

  ade.h 21:55 16 Mar 2005

Try putting the problem drive on the same IDE cable as the Benq. If the problem goes away, then perhaps the other IDE channel is in some way problematic at boot-up. That's assumign you hadn't used that channel until now.

If not, then it's something more complex to do with Windows or the BIOS struggling to recognise the two drives at once.

Does the Sony appear on the BIOS drives screen that shows at boot-up?

  ade.h 22:00 16 Mar 2005

Can you enter BIOS (press Delete promptly at boot-up) and enter the Standard CMOS Settings page?

Look at the Primary and Secondary Master and Slave entries and see if both your optical drives are listed.

  taggs 22:58 16 Mar 2005

bios does recognise all the drives,at startup,
have swapped ide cables, master slave,configurations to no avail,
also disconnected the benq but still no sony

noticed though when i went into my computer straight
after windows started the drive was their then disappeared before my eyes,
this ones got me stumped?

  User-312386 23:07 16 Mar 2005

On the back of the drives set both to CS (cable select) rather than one as Master and one as slave.

I assume they are both on the same IDE channel?

  taggs 23:21 16 Mar 2005

hi madboy33,
i'll try that however both drives are on a different ide, iv'e tried all the combonations, beginning to think its a windows conflict somewhere

  User-312386 23:26 16 Mar 2005

could be not enough power

Put both on same IDE and select CS and see what happens

  taggs 00:11 17 Mar 2005

ill give that a go tomorrow and see what happens

  ade.h 19:16 17 Mar 2005

Since you have tried using the Sony on its own (including letting Windows boot in this config, presumably) and the problem is still there, then it is most likely to be a Windows issue. I don't know why it would suddenly develop after fitting a second drive, though. It may be coincidence.

If the Sony didn't register at all, I would say that you need to check the jumper as per madboy's suggestion. But BIOS sees it, as does Windows up to a point, so the jumper must be correct.

$64000 question: Why does it appear in My Computer and promptly dissappear?!

  taggs 14:41 21 Mar 2005

hi guys sorry for the delay,been away this weekend,

well have changed jumpers, changed cables and ide ports, done every config i can think of, both on 1 ide, then other, one with hdd then other,etc ,etc
still to no avail, have decided its a windows problem that i'll live with for now, might reinstall windows and see what that does
thanks anyway

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