Disapearing HD and Cd's

  joeyd11111 15:11 13 Apr 2003


My bios settings for the ide devices are all set to auto. 2 days ago i noticed that my CD Writer and DVD drives were not working,no power, no anything, and they were not detected through the bios. Then yesterday my HD started to do the same. It seemed to stop working after 1/2 an hour, when i rebooted, the bios couldnt find the HD either. After 1/2 hour or so it will detct the HD but not the CD etc. I have reseated everything, changed ribbon and power cables but still no joy

Anyone got any ideas before the pc leaves the house via the window.

Cpu is a P4 2.4 and M/B is a P4S5A


  A15 15:32 13 Apr 2003

If you are having a problem with getting power to your CD/DVD drives, I wouls suggest that your best bet would be to see if your PSU is malfunctioning/overloaded. If no power is getting to the drives then the BIOS will not be able to see them. It sounds like this is an intermittent fault, so why not remove the power cables to CD/DVD drives then power up your PC & see if everything works OK. If all is well after a while testing, then power down PC & re-attach a power cable to ONE of your CD/DVD drives, restart & test again. keep going in this order & see if the fault re-appears at any stage.

  joeyd11111 18:52 13 Apr 2003

You were right...I didnt think of the PS as it is powering the MB ok...i attached a spare ps to the 2 drives and everything is hunky dory. It ran ok for 6 months so i didnt think i could be drawing too much power...ah well, the joys of computers!!

I think novatech returns dept are going to get a call

Thanks again

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