Disabling Windows Messenger in XP

  DRiM 20:00 21 Aug 2003

I have installed Windows XP (which probably wasn't a good idea)and I now have to put up with Windows Messenger POP UPs appearing when I log on to the Internet.

I don't want them, in fact I don't want Messenger at all.

Can I get rid of this annoyance?


  spikeychris 20:08 21 Aug 2003

click here


  hugh-265156 20:11 21 Aug 2003
  powerless 20:26 21 Aug 2003
  DRiM 20:39 21 Aug 2003

Thanks Guys, the 'STOP' you refer to was shaded, so can't select it, although above it the word 'stopped' appears. The Start Type was already 'DISABLED' so I have selected 'MANUAL' and see if it works.

Will let you know


  hugh-265156 20:47 21 Aug 2003

set it to disabled unless you want to use the service.

you have to restart the computer after changing the start up type for this to take effect.

  Jester2K II 21:44 21 Aug 2003

Stop Messenger Spam click here

And the Messenger Service has nothing to do with MSN Messenger.

  DRiM 10:50 22 Aug 2003

Most of this is getting too complicated for me to understand, so I will just put up with it if it isn't cured.

Thanks for all the efforts and help offered.


  Jester2K II 10:52 22 Aug 2003

DRiM - go to my site click here and download a program called Stop Messenger Spam. Run it - its free. This will set XP so it doesn't run the Messenger Service and you don't get the messages.

Now you also stated that "in fact I don't want Messenger at all"

MSN Messenger is different to Messenger Service. if you really want rid off MSN Messenger too we can help.

  EnglishBitter 11:04 22 Aug 2003

1) I often get message alerts saying a MSN Messenger friend is online wnen I am NOT logged in to MSN Messenger.

2) I manually sign-in to MSN Messenger and get a message saying samething like "..logging out of NET Messenger Service because you have logged in at another location.."

3) I have set Messenger to disabled and still get this irritating message.

Any ideas what 'NET Messenger' service is and how to prevent this happening ?

I'm also unclear whether the Jester program addresses this alert or not

Thanks for your help


  Jester2K II 11:38 22 Aug 2003

If you get

- popup ads offering Russian Wives, Hot Babes and software costing £35 to remove these ads

- and they are grey in appearance and look like winodws messages (ie no pics etc)

- and are titled Messenger Service

Then you are getting Windows Messenger Spam.

Run my program - at worst it'll block another form of spam if it doesn't fix what you want fixed.

EnglishBitter if you have a problem with logging into MSN Messenger start a new thread on the subject.

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