disabling Outlook at Startup

  whynotsusan 10:39 12 Oct 2004

Since I loaded XP SP2, every time I start the computer, Outlook opens. I don't use it and want to stop it opening. I've looked in 'MSconfig/startup and I can't identify it there (most of the things in there are gobbledegook anyway). Anybody know how to stop it, please?

  stugra 10:49 12 Oct 2004

Is it a Sony VAIO??

  stugra 11:02 12 Oct 2004

check this

click here

  whynotsusan 11:34 12 Oct 2004

My machine is not a Vaio, it's home built. The main board is by HOlco, model AK32, if that means anything. Has anyone else had this problem with SP2 I wonder?

  VoG II 11:38 12 Oct 2004

Is this Outlook or Outlook Express?

  whynotsusan 11:47 12 Oct 2004

It's MS Outlook. I use Outlook Express quite happily for my e-mail program. I use MS Schedule+ for my calendar/time manager/contacts list, it's an old program but I use it 'cos I always did and I have imported the files each time I've upgraded. I like it better than Outlook, which is why I don't want Outlook to open.

  jolorna 11:49 12 Oct 2004

do you use msn messenger for a hotmail account because as soon as i loaded sp2 and booted up then outlook express was opend up by msn messenger sp2 had made it the default mail program i just unchecked it as default and made my other email default

  whynotsusan 11:52 12 Oct 2004

No, it's not Messenger that's causing it, but thanks

  Micro-Man 13:08 12 Oct 2004

I recall using Add/Remove programs in control panel, then selecting Office to remove the Outlook component since I too don't use it. I did have to go to the Internet Options to check that Outlook Express was my default mail handler though.

  whynotsusan 13:19 12 Oct 2004

Micro-Man, I just tried what you suggested. I think it has worked but I won't know for sure till I restart and I can't do that at the moment.
THanks for that.

  whynotsusan 16:29 12 Oct 2004

Yes it has worked. Would have been better if I could have disabled it, this way it means Outlook is no longer there if I should want to use it (unlikely), but at least it's gone!

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