Disabling Norton Internet Security

  douglas1973 15:49 23 Dec 2004

I posted a problem about the above a few days ago and had 3/4 responses and now this subject in no longer accesible despite receiving today the following:

New message posted to: Disabling Norton Internet Security
A new message has been posted to your thread on the pcadvisor discussion forum. The message was posted by bertiecharlie on 23/12/04 | 08:28
To view the new posting on the thread please visit the following site
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What has hapenned?

  VoG II 15:53 23 Dec 2004

I think the SP2 forum has been closed, as the FE advised that it would be.

  douglas1973 16:04 23 Dec 2004

Thanks VOG. I can't recall seeing this and I note that the header "New Windows XP SP" Forum" still remains at the top of the page.

  feb 16:10 23 Dec 2004

"Have you looked in "View your postings" It might be listed in there

  douglas1973 16:33 23 Dec 2004

Yes, I have looked in "View Your Postings" and it is not there. Very annoying as I wanred to copy some of the text to use in my discussion with Symantec.

  feb 00:36 24 Dec 2004

You could try contacting FE, it may be in an archive somewhere or repost your problem and see what comes up

  douglas1973 01:08 24 Dec 2004

Feb: Excuse my ignorance but who is FE? Would he be the Forum Administrator (or whatever) and if so how do I contact him if there is one?
Happy Christmas

PS Incidentally I received a reply today to my email to Symantec asking them how I should resolve my problem and was very disappointed because the person who has written to me has not read my email carefully and consequently has not answered my question. I find this not unusual nowadays. I wonder where the Symantec Support Department is situated? The person who wrote to me would appear to have an Indian name and his command of the English language could be a lot better - to put it politely.

Happy Christmas!

  BRYNIT 01:40 24 Dec 2004

If you look to the top of the left colum just above search and click on contact Forum Editor.

  JoeC 07:33 24 Dec 2004

telephoning them on

020 7744 0061 ?

I had an occasion to phone them a few days ago and they were very helful.

The number is the pay for help line, but if the technician at the other end ( Ireland ) thinks it is the fault of the programme - as it was in my case - they can waive the fee. That said, the current fee is £18 !!

  douglas1973 11:06 02 Jan 2005

My problem seems to have been finally resolved after numerous emails exchanged with Symantec which could have been reduced in number if only the first Symantec Authorized Technical Support person had read my first emails properly. To make matters worse, in the process of the exchange of emails on the subject I received an email from Symantec that the case was closed and asked me to complete a questionnaire in which they wanted to know if it had been dealt with satisfactorily! Needless to say I gave them an earful, so to speak.

Here is the email that resoved my problem and my reply:

From Symantec Support:

"This issue could be due to a configuration problem between Norton WMI updates and Service Pack 2. In order to troubleshoot this issue, I suggest that you please follow the steps provided below:

1. Click Start -> Run
2. Type msconfig and click Ok.
3. Under the Startup tab and uncheck UsrPrmpt
4. Click on the Services tab and uncheck SymWMI Service.
5. Click Ok and restart the system.
6. Check for the issue.

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance."

My reply was as follows:

"Thank you for your reply.
UsrPrmpt is not in my Startup tab in msconfig.
I have unchecked SymWMIService in the Services tab and now the security alert error no longer pops up!
If this is a configuration problem between Norton WMI updates and Service Pack 2 I presume that Symantec will be issuing a patch.
It would be interesting to know why I have not got UsrPrmpt in the Startup tab.
I should mention that in the Services tab of msconfig I have the following checked items with “Manufacturer” shown as “Unknown”:

Norton Antivirus Auto Protect Service
Symantec Network Drivers Service

Thank you for your assistance.

  mbp 11:21 02 Jan 2005

Douglas, There is a comprehensive write up on this topic. It is worth going to:
click here You will have to sign in. It is free and without obligations. Scroll to FAQ and scroll to Norton NAV/NIS Full Uninstall.

You could not get a more comprehensive guide.

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