Disabling Excel Auto backup copy

  Simsy 10:03 27 Oct 2003

Hi folks,

I'm having a little problem with an Excel file at work. It's not the end of the world, but this one file seems to have the "Always create a backup copy" feature turned on...

How can I disable this? It's Excel XP running on Win2000.

I know how to do it in Word, but the option doesn't seem to be in the same place in Excel.

Thanks in anticipation,



  [DELETED] 10:07 27 Oct 2003

If you open the file, click on "Save As" under File menu. When the window opens you should see an option "Tools" in the right hand corner. Click on the little down arrow, select "General Options". I think you'll find it under there.

  Simsy 10:12 27 Oct 2003

That was in fact the second place I'd looked... and I hadn't seen it! Must pay more attention!



  [DELETED] 10:16 27 Oct 2003

As Andy says you can turn it off there, not certain if that applies to all of XL or just that file because XL does not autosave by default like word, it's an add in you have to install, i may be wrong but would someone enlighten me

  Simsy 10:32 27 Oct 2003

Yes you're correct... the autosave does need an add-in to be installed.

It wasn't the autosave feature, but rather the feature to create another, backup, copy, (with a different extention, I think it's .xlk), when it is saved.

Thanks anyway,



  [DELETED] 10:32 27 Oct 2003

You're righrt about the add-in.

OPen Excel, click on Tools, Add-ins and either add or remove the tick from the Auotosave add-in.

Note that this adds or removes the add in that allows the autosave feature to run at all.

To leave the feature installed and turn it off for the sheet you are wokring on, click on Tools, Autosave (this only appears in your menu if it is enabled) then you can remove the ticks from a couple of boxes to disable the feature for that workbook.



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