Disabling on-board graphics

  Rossi#1 17:05 19 Jun 2006

Just bought myself a new card and printed up the HP installing guide but I need clarification on one point. Do I need to uninstall the on-board drivers or is that for already installed cards?
Sorry if that sounds a bit thick!

  SANTOS7 17:21 19 Jun 2006

There are two elements to disabling an onboard graphics card and sometimes you need to do both before the system will work properly. First, get your system back to how it was without the new card installed. Now go to the Device Manager in Windows, right-click the entry for the driver for your onboard graphics card and select Disable. Apply the changes and shut down your PC.

Now insert your new graphics card into the AGP port, making sure it’s firmly connected into the socket and hook up your monitor.

Boot the PC and enter the Setup menu to access the BIOS typically by pressing [F1] or [Del]. Go to the 'Advanced Features’ page and select to 'Disable Onboard VGA’. The wording and location may vary according to your BIOS, but you should be able to find it. Press [F10] to save changes to the BIOS and exit. Your PC should now boot recognising your new graphics card and prompt you to install the new drivers for it in Windows.

  Rossi#1 17:42 19 Jun 2006

Im still confused. When the manual refers to uninstallation is it referring to an installed card thus on-board drivers just have to be disabled?
If its any help Ive got a Compaq Presario which has an Ati X200 but Im replacing with a PNY 7300 GS PCI-E.

  SANTOS7 17:52 19 Jun 2006

When the manual refers to uninstallation is it referring to an installed card, but you do not have an installed card your Graphics are onboard as you say,so you need to follow instructions to avoid software conflict...

  Rossi#1 22:27 19 Jun 2006

Got it up and running now.BIOS changed to PCI itself but I have disabled Ati.I had to move the modem card though and when I restarted Windows saw it as new hardware.That wont be a problem will it? I dont use dial-up.

  User-312386 22:43 19 Jun 2006

If you dont use a modem, then remove the card, this takes up power

  Rossi#1 23:09 19 Jun 2006

I didnt know that.Thanks all.

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