liverton 10:37 14 Apr 2010

I have disabled my monitor by mistake and have not been able to get it back, the screen is lite but screen is blank so can't see what I am doing and have to start it up manual, I do get a picture of it loading then nothing can anyone help please as am only computer user no IT so please make it easy thanks.. Sorry am a woman!!!

  Technotiger 10:45 14 Apr 2010

What were you doing when the monitor went blank?

What OS, like XP/Vista/Win7, and is it a Desktop or Laptop?

  liverton 11:12 14 Apr 2010

Hi thanks for quick response, but long story as I was trying to resolve my resolution, as my screen was coming up with large icons and I went into settings etc.. and could not push up the needle and then troubleshooted saying my monitor was not known, I must of pressed the wrong button and it disabled my monitor hope this makes sense I am not good at fixing sorry. It is also a desktop and am using WXP prof. I have gone into safe mode and did not know which options to press?? I would be grateful for any hep..Thanks Lorna

  Technotiger 11:22 14 Apr 2010

Go into Safe Mode again, then Safe Mode with Networking - then choose, Last Known Good Configuration and press Return. Then keep your fingers crossed.

  liverton 11:33 14 Apr 2010

Well I did keep my fingers crossed, but did nothing screen still blank..am using borrowed laptop till I can fix this..Feel so stupid I should never of pressed this disable button and could kick myself....any other ideas besides chucking it off the roof..Ha

  Technotiger 11:41 14 Apr 2010

I am a bit puzzled though - if screen is blank, how are you able to get into safe mode, and make the choices?

  BRYNIT 11:45 14 Apr 2010

Could be the Monitor have you tried it on another computer.

  liverton 11:54 14 Apr 2010

when I manually started it up I pressed f8 then x and the safe mode menue came up. TO BRYNIT. No I have not tried the monitor on another computer but have tried another monitor and it is the same blank screen.Both are flat screens,both can't be faulty,So am at a loss.

  liverton 12:02 14 Apr 2010

my screen is only blank but it is on windows is not coming up thats the thing.. is there a way we could restore it by resetting it back to an earlier date??

  onthelimit 12:05 14 Apr 2010

If the screen works when in safe mode, then just do a system restore from there

  Technotiger 12:11 14 Apr 2010

As onthelimit says - System Restore, in safe mode might be the answer.

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