Disabled Administrator account

  David7 22:32 15 Jan 2009

Just bought a second-hand computer - XPpro. Only had administrator login with password. No other account.I knew password but wanted to boot up without having to enter password each time. Foolishly, I rightclicked My Computer,then Manage, then user accounts and checked the box 'disable administrator account.' Rebooted computer and get message now 'To begin click your user name'. But there is now absolutely nothing there. No accounts to click at all. Same thing happens in safe mode. Cannot seem to enter Setup. I can't log in to my computer.Don't have the computer's XPpro CD, but have one from my laptop if it can be used for troubleshooting. Any easy solution. Thanks,

  Sea Urchin 22:40 15 Jan 2009
  Switcher 22:56 15 Jan 2009

When you get the message to click your user name try "Ctrl Alt del" you might get an opportunity to type in one of the hidden users such a helpassistant

  David7 23:01 15 Jan 2009

Can't find the answer on that webpage. I cannot enter safe mode, I cannot click on any account or admin key because nothing is there! It asks me to click on my user name, but the screen is completely empty of any accounts, keys or words.There is no key to double-click on, simply nothing. Or maybe I missed something?

  David7 23:10 15 Jan 2009

Clicked on Ctrl Alt Del. Box came up with Administrator as default user name. I typed in the password in provided space that I had to logon originally then clicked OK but got message that the account has been disabled and I needed to see the system administrator! Only option left was 'shut down'. I think I am snookered aren't I?

  jarani 23:12 15 Jan 2009

David - you should have changed the password
to nothing, not disabled the Admin acct

wise after the event I am afraid
this is what I did on mine
and when the password box comes out
I leave it blank and press enter

I am afraid I have no solution for you

  Switcher 23:20 15 Jan 2009

Try again with CTRL ALT DEL but type in helpasisstant and leave password blank that might get you in to allow you to sort things out

  jarani 23:20 15 Jan 2009

David - if it asks you to see the Administrator
there must be a solution = hopefully someone
will come up with one for you - good luck

  Switcher 23:23 15 Jan 2009

You could also try GUEST which is another built in account

  David7 23:34 15 Jan 2009

Thanks for being so helpful. It's my first time in a forum and I am impressed by the willingness to help. However, typing administrator or guest without password got the same message - your account has been disabled. It seems any account there was has been disabled and therefore nothing appears on the log in screen, neither normally or in safe mode.

  Switcher 23:39 15 Jan 2009

There are certain built in accounts one of which is helpasisstant this is used for remote help.
Try that with no password, with password admin and also with the password you used with administrator. If no luck then sorry I'm beat.

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