Disable onboard graphics for Phoenix Award Bios v6

  Slithe 21:12 23 May 2005

Hi - I have bought a new HP Pavilion PC that uses a Snapper Motherboard running a Phoenix Award Bios version 6 with on board graphics.

Firstly, this takes away memory that I need (for programs)and secondly, I only recently bought a decent graphics card for my last PC (which sadly died)

I have looked at the bios and can find no way of disabling on board graphics - the only settings are to vary the amount of onboard video memory and an option between PCI and AGP.

The Motherboard has an AGP slot - how do I install the card?

Also, the Motherboard supports AGP 8X, my current card runs at 4X AGP - will the board support this.

Any help will be appreciated!


  dan11 21:18 23 May 2005

Most modern boards with onboard graphics will take a new card with out the need to alter the bios. As you have found out, there is no setting to disable the onboard vga.

Switch the computer off, insert the new graphics card and boot with the driver CD in the drive. It should auto detect it and fire up. Oh and connect the monitor to the new graphics card. lol

Yes a 4X board will work in a 8X slot.

Enjoy the extra memory:-)

  Slithe 10:19 24 May 2005

Three things to add to my initial post - sorry!

1) In the Bios - the setting 'Display Adapter' is currently set to PCI - should I change this to the AGP option or will this be detected by the motherboard?

2) If I follow dan11's advice - do I need to remove any existing Windows Drivers before I start?

3) Is there a fail-safe option if I follow the above, i.e. if I remove the card and plug the monitor back into its motherboard port, will I be able to get a graphical output.


  TomJerry 10:46 24 May 2005

the on-board graphics will be automatically disabled when you put in a APG card

  Totally-braindead 10:51 24 May 2005

If you put the AGP card in and change the setting in BIOS to AGP then restart the computer should find and install the card, did this on a friends PC about a month ago and it went without a hitch, his computer automatically detected the card and disabled the onboard graphics. If your BIOS does not actually have an option to disable the onboard graphics and has just AGP/PCI as options then your computer will automatically disable the onboard graphics too. Personally I've only seen one PC that had a BIOS option to disable the onboard graphics and that was an old Emachine PC.

  Slithe 10:52 24 May 2005

OK - sorry, being thick here - do I just put in the card and boot from the driver CD as dan11 suggests.


  Strawballs 10:55 24 May 2005


  Totally-braindead 10:55 24 May 2005

By the way the others are correct, you do not need to alter the BIOS to AGP, I did this on my friends PC as it had the option AGP or PCI but it worked fine without doing it, I merely did it because if the option was there I presumed it actually did something but am unsure of what it does. As the others have correctly pointed out you do not need to do this in order for the card to work.

  Strawballs 10:56 24 May 2005

Oh yes plug the moniter into card from onboard

  dan11 13:33 24 May 2005

It would've been nice to have the full motherboard model number and I think it is the snapper from here. click here click here but can not gleam to much information about it.

Do you have a fail safe, yes. Reseting the bios by jumper or taking the cmos battery out will reset the defaults in the bios.

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