Disable Norton Antivirus.

  Meshuga 20:54 17 Feb 2003

I recently was installing some software and it told me to make sure no antivirus prog was running. I cannot find any means of doing it.
There is nothing on the task bar relating to it
nor is it listed when I go to con-alt-del. The only thing I have is a NAV icon on the desktop
which allows no facility for disabling it.
Any help would be much apreciated. Meshuga.

  eccomputers 21:06 17 Feb 2003

sounds like your norton antivirus isnt running

  tran1 21:16 17 Feb 2003

If you have Norton Anitivirus running, there should be an icon in the task bar. Right-click that icon and you should get the option to disable Auto protect.

  jazzypop 21:20 17 Feb 2003

Which version of Windows, and which version of Norton?

  Meshuga 21:31 17 Feb 2003

Hi tran1. As I mentioned in my original posting
I have no Icon in the task bar, only an icon on the desktop. Using the icon on the desktop I can regularly update new virus protection but it looks like its not running.
In reply to jazzypop re the same subject I have
Win 98 but dont know the NAV version. Meshuga.

  Philip2 22:59 17 Feb 2003

If you go to control panel and add and remove what Norton software your running will show here what ever you want can be changed by clicking Norton then change or you can remove it.

  jazzypop 00:36 18 Feb 2003

As stated above, I would uninstall then reinstall Norton

  tran1 00:49 18 Feb 2003

Sorry, I didn't read it properly.

Start Norton anti-virus, At the bottom of the menu, there should be a box with 'More details', click on it. when it asks you to disable, click yes.

  « Ravin » 03:02 18 Feb 2003

a suggestion, you could press crtl+alt+del and see if norton appears in the list of running programs. normally it would be navw32 or something like that. if you don't find it it looks like its not enabled. in which case you should enable it after you finish installing your s/ware :o)

  Tog 07:33 18 Feb 2003

There was a virus knocking about a while ago that could disable AV protection. Could be worthwhile to use the on-line virus checker at Symantec's website before you reinstall.

  Meshuga 07:34 18 Feb 2003

Many thanks to those who responded .

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