disable chip fan message

  Newuser3605 22:55 01 Jan 2010

Before my computer starts, I get this message:

chip fan fail or speed too low
you can disable this warning message in setup
or press FI to continue.

I have been pressing F1 for some months now. My computer works fine for hours without any sign of problems.

I cannot find where to disable this message in setup. Does anyone have a clue. Many thanks.

  Technotiger 23:06 01 Jan 2010

You could try preventing the message in the first place, by opening the case and checking that all Fans are clean and rotating freely, also clean out any accumulated dust and fluff around air vents and grills inside and outside of the case.

  OTT_Buzzard 00:09 02 Jan 2010

After you've tried Technotiger's suggestion, go into your BIOS and check you fan settings. Chances are that you've got a dodgy fan (as Technotiger has already said).

  DieSse 00:22 02 Jan 2010

Just to reinforce the posts above. DO NOT disable the fan message. If the fan actually stops, eventually the chip will overheat, fail, and write off the motherboard. That's why you get a warning - to save you getting an expensive failure.

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