disable advert on monitor

  4657 17:02 22 Apr 2003

i purchased a new system last November, and want to get rid of the advert that appears on my monitor. How do I do it PLEASE?

When does the advert appear? During Boot? When you first turn the PC on? If so, it resides in the Bios and you can disable it from there.

If it appears later after the PC has booted the advert is resident in Windows and you will have to change the background image in Display properties.

  4657 18:00 22 Apr 2003

It appears afte I have booted up. I tried removing it in display, but wasn't successful. I must admit I don't know a lot about computers, but am learning. So help in laymans terms please!

  hugh-265156 18:49 22 Apr 2003

if its when you just turn on it sounds like the manufacturers post screen.if its actually in windows it sound like messenger pop ups.if the former access the bios and disable from here and if the latter go to start/my computer/control panel/services look for messenger double click on it and you will see a box with start up type choose disable apply and reboot.

  4657 17:40 23 Apr 2003

Still not able to remove it via huggyg71's method, found messenger was already disabled. Any other ideas? How do I check via bios

  jeez 17:56 23 Apr 2003

when your computer starts, press f1 or f10 or delete depending on your system manf ( a message sould appear at boot up saying "press *** to enter setup" look in the screen then for a "boot" option or similar withinn that option there should be another to "enable boot diagnostic screen" , "enable configuration detail screen" , "disable welcome screen" something like that. Select the appropriate option and goto "save changes and exit" it would help to know what system you have though.

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