Dirty emails

  TimCDC 23:36 07 Sep 2006

I've recently started getting unwanted emails offering me penis extensions etc.
Of course I don't reply.
When I intercept them at the webmail server, I hit block sender.
But is there anything else I can do to stop them coming through?

  johnnyrocker 23:40 07 Sep 2006

afraid not tis one of the sad facts of life with people who have nothing better to do but scam e mail addresses.


  lisa02 23:42 07 Sep 2006

Would you mind forwarding them to my ex?

  terryf 23:44 07 Sep 2006

If the worst comes to the worst, change your email address and tell ONLY those people that you want to get emails from

  TimCDC 23:44 07 Sep 2006

excellent response lisa02!
I've just done a search (oops, should have done that earlier, sorry) and it seems as though mailwasher may be my answer.

  p;3 23:50 07 Sep 2006

mailwasher could well be your answer, but remember not to bounce the nasties, tempting though it may be, but merely delete them from server via the mailwasher tools facility;

  Stuartli 00:01 08 Sep 2006

Or use Mozilla Thunderbird which has a Junk filter that can be "trained" to divert such e-mails to a Junk folder.

  Meshuga 07:43 08 Sep 2006

Nice one lisaO2.

  xania 08:48 08 Sep 2006

I have set up a gmail acount which I use for all internet work (i.e. this site) and this forwards all emails to my true account. Only family and friends know my true account, so there's less risk of it getting into the wild. If my gmail account gets know, I simply create a new one, but my personal acccount at my personal web site remains safe.

Incidentally, checking my gmail account, this has been almost 100% accurate in spotting and blocking spam and allowing normal emails through.

  Audeal 12:10 08 Sep 2006

I have an account with Bigfoot which I give to unknown people or organizations, which, like xanias Gmail forwards my e-mails on to my personal address. As saxania says this keeps you address secrete and I then use Mailwasher to view what is coming through.

I do find though that Mailwasher often marks genuine mail as possible spam, so if your account is set to (or is able to be set to)delete spam then you may well lose some of your genuine mail. It is important to be aware of this pitfall with this filter in place.

  wee eddie 17:45 08 Sep 2006

I use a MSN Account for all Transactions, even so my personal address, which I have held for more than 5 years, still gets about 5 to 10 spam messages a day.

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