DirectX confusion

  geedad 08:37 30 Oct 2005

I have Windows XP and when I install some games, I am asked if I would like to install the Directx components of the software. Sometimes these are of a lower number than those I have installed already, and I tend not to accept these, thinking that if I have the highest DirextX installed, EG 9x, why do I need the lower numbers?
OR, is there a piece of software out there which will install ANY and ALL DirectX files to overcome any future snags?

  User-312386 09:01 30 Oct 2005

sounds like you need directx 9.0c click here

  CLONNEN 12:28 30 Oct 2005

Personally I always click Yes to extra components such as DirectX when installing new games and software on my computer. I know it takes a few seconds longer but in my opinion it cuts down on the risk of installation problems. For example some games will NOT work unless you click YES - I have come across a few like this.

Same thing with Quicktime and other components.

  geedad 19:21 30 Oct 2005

Thanks to you both.
I think I agree with CLONNEN about clicking "YES" when asked about DirectX ???? whatever!
It is a mystery to me why this is not updated regularly by game producers. I also find producer's updates or patches solutions are never simple to either find or install.

  Splork 22:43 30 Oct 2005

I find I have to keep `repairing` the same people's PC's after they've installed DirectX 6/7/8/8.1 over 9.0c, surely one of these tech-heads can work out a system to check for the current DirectX install version and skip the installation question if the PC in question is already up to date....

  Skills 22:53 30 Oct 2005

Indeed i never click yes to direct x if its at a lower version to the one I have installed on my system.

If you go to start then run and type dxdiag you'll get a box pop up and from that you'll be able to tell what version of direct x you have installed.

  Splork 23:19 30 Oct 2005

Ta Skills, I wish someone involved in writing software/game installers would come up with a system for automating it. Even explaining the DXDiag thing is too much for some people...I've even ended up blocking adobe etc in the hosts file for the same people, to stop them downloading 70mb of Adobe Acrobat just to read .PDF's. (FoxitReader ;) )
Perhaps I'm getting too picky...

  Stuartli 23:20 30 Oct 2005

Depending whether it's the US or UK version of the calendar, DirectX 9c was released in either April or August of last year.

  Splork 23:25 30 Oct 2005

Is there some additional patch to DirectX lately? I seem to have seen `fresh` downloads for 9.0c, and patches to the older versions of DX when checking Windows Update from other systems recently.

  Mr Beeline 00:13 31 Oct 2005

I suspect any update to DirectX would come out as another release (IE. 9d). As already commented, version 9c has been out for a while now. As long as you have the latest version, there is no need to re-apply it when installing a new game. The latest version/s are also always backward compatible (IE. will run DirectX6/7/8 games). Some game installers do check to see what version you are running and don't ask if you have the latest (though not all games by a long shot).

  geedad 20:45 31 Oct 2005

Mr Beeline
Thanks a lot to you all!
It seems we have something in common regarding better construction of games to enable users to play these and get a simple fix if something DOES go wrong. After all, the expertise which goes into the development of games, makes one think that it could be done by a couple of clicks, thereby correcting known ( by the developers)problems.
A great forum team!

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