Directx 9 & XP Pro

  jezzz 11:04 12 Mar 2003

When I try to upgrade from directx 8.1 to directx 9 on XP Pro I get the message "this verison of windows does not support directx 9"
Any ideas

  Mysticnas 11:15 12 Mar 2003

interesting... i have xp pro, and DX9 works fine on my machine. i have a GF4 Ti4600 128Mb, as far as i know that doesn't take advantage of DX9. but it still runs fine. hmmm...


try this...

go to command prompt by going to Start>Run and typing cmd.exe
this will bring up a dos promt style window. now, get your XP CD put in the cd drive and hold down the shift key until the CD stops spinnning. this initialises the CD without starting the autorun. when it's stops spinning you can let go of the shift key.

then go back to the command prompt, and type:

this sets the root back to the system drive.

now type:

sfc /scannow

this will start a scan of your windows system files, and if any are corrupt it will restore them back to their origional state. let it run.

see if that helps. it's a long shot...

  totoro 11:21 12 Mar 2003

worked fine for me as well. I have same card as above.

  kingkenny 11:36 12 Mar 2003


You should try DXDiag in the 'run' function and test each part of the existing Direct X files to see if they are encountering any problems.

I have a 64Mb MX440 card (I'm a student!!) and Windows XP home and recently upgraded to DirectX 9. And guess what....It gave me 11 whole points in the WorldBenchmark scores!!! Isn't that fantastic, 11 points!! I upgraded my display drivers and it bumped it up by 95 points, go figure.

Also, there is not a lot of software out at the moment that supports DirectX9 so maybe it's not worth it at the moment(?)

The microsoft site also has a lot of FAQS on DirectX 9 you could try them aswell.

  jezzz 12:25 12 Mar 2003

I tried repairing the files it made no difference handy for future probs though
I have radeon 9700 pro that is compatable with 9
it 3d marks at 14006 which is ok I have checked
dxdiag all seems ok I feel a re-install coming on

  Lozzy 12:45 12 Mar 2003

Its just a thought, there two downloads for DX9, one for XP and one for Wnin ME and earlier. Have you downloaded the correct one for XP??

  Bailey08787 13:07 12 Mar 2003

ooh, where can i download directx 9 from? (for XP Pro)

  powerless 13:11 12 Mar 2003

click here for DX

  Mysticnas 12:17 16 Mar 2003

i take it thats its sorted cuz you've reseloved?

KingKenny i'm a student too!!!

however... i student badly in debt...

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