jyppo 14:34 24 Apr 2003

is it worth updating to directx 9 as i only have a couple of games on my pc and dont plan on buying new ones..what exactly is directx anyway, i think i have version 8 on my ME system. also i noticed on micsofts update page an update for microsoft virtual machine? didnt even know i had it..can someone enlighten me on that one also..thank you all...jyppo

  PA28 14:42 24 Apr 2003

I posted a similar query a while ago and got a mix of responses. DirectX is (simply) a common set of graphics and sound instructions that enable your games to address your system and run. It is vital for most modern games. The concensus of opinion when I asked the question (albeit under my Win98 system) was that if you're on DX8.1b or thereabouts, then there appears little benefit in upgrading to DX9 ..... at the moment. At the same time there were some that had upgraded and had experienced problems. In short, if it's working OK at the moment and you're reasonably up to date, then leave well alone for the time being.

  jyppo 17:03 24 Apr 2003

pa28..every thing seems to be fine at the moment and i think i will leave well alone ..reason..i have upgraded b4 and did experience problems although i coudnt pinpoint the problem and say definatley it was directx..i upgraded to media player 9 at the same time and it does not have an uninstall for that..

  MartinT-B 17:09 24 Apr 2003

I play a LOT of games and haven't bothered to change from 8.1a yet.

  Paranoid Android 17:20 24 Apr 2003

Dx9 comes into its own for the latest games and the latest graphics cards. You are unlikley to notice any difference at all unless you fall into this category.


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