directory corruption

  pr6 20:21 04 Mar 2010

Strange problem here. I have a second hard drive, with two partitions. I use the first one for storing photographs. Every so often, perhaps once a month, some of the photo directories become corrupt. That is, the name of the files in one or more directories may revert to random control-like characters. The directory name itself may do the same, but not always. Of course I have a backup so recovery is not a problem. But despite running chkdsk and other tests, including hunting for virus, malware etc, I cannot pin down the cause. These tests all return a no error report. It only happens on this partition, and not on the second one.

Can anyone hazard whats going on here? For the record, its Win 98SE. Thanks.

  DieSse 22:23 04 Mar 2010

"Can anyone hazard whats going on here?"

I would hazard a guess that the drive is faulty. Chkdsk is not a very good test - it would be worth looking on the drive manufacturers site for a proper drive test programme. For instance Seagate have Seatools.

It would also be worth changing the data cable to that drive.

It might happen in one partition only if that part of a disk surface is damaged (clearly slightly).

  pr6 17:36 06 Mar 2010

Thank you DieSse. Your points are well made, and I shall follow them up. However, the nature of the problem is that I won't really know if this solves the problem until several weeks have passed without the problem re-occurring. That is, unless the hard drive test programme warns of imminent failure!

Thanks again.

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