directly record from phone to pc

  theamazingfreddey 16:03 26 Apr 2015

I want to record my tv screen using my phone's HD camera, but my phone only has 5gbs free and recording 10/20 min sessions would require way more than 5gbs of memory for the large file that is gonna be created, so i thought why not transfer the file directly to my pc through a cable?

Or i also thought of using the phone camera as a webcam for the pc and recording the webcam with fraps, but then wouldn't the quality be worse? I dont know. Amaze me with ideas pleaze :)


im using an android phone for this, so we can spice it up with some magic

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 26 Apr 2015

I want to record my tv screen

Make and model of TV? Will it record to a USB stick most modern TVs do?

or do you have a PVR? DVD recorder?

  theamazingfreddey 17:54 26 Apr 2015

i thought of recording my tv with my phone's camera, because it's 1080p it record well!

The only downside is that the file it records is large so i was thinking of a way to record and save the file to the PC while the phone is still recording

Or using the phone as a webcam and then fromt he pc using fraps to record the onscreen webcam view

I dont want to use any pvr or dvd recorders just my phone, pc and normal tv

  bumpkin 18:05 26 Apr 2015

Possibly I have not understood what you wish to do exactly. If you want to record TV to PC then HDMI cable may be easiest if both support it.

  wee eddie 18:10 26 Apr 2015

This strikes me as, potentially, a way of avoiding the Tv Companies time limitations.

On the realistic side of things, the quality of the recoding is likely to be dire and the file, for a half hour programme, huge.

  theamazingfreddey 18:45 26 Apr 2015

i know i want to record 10/20 minutes of me playing on my console, and i was thinking of a way to work around the huge file thing because my phoen doesn't have that much memory, so i thought if you guys could help me find a way to save the recorded file directly on my PC just as it would save on my phone

any ideas on how id do that?

  bumpkin 18:58 26 Apr 2015

I don't see why you need a phone, have a look at this link it may be what you want. click here

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