DirectDBnoti... preventing shutdown

  Graham. 20:03 20 Sep 2007

I get an alert on Shutdown that the above program is not responding. There is no 'Ending program', just an 'End now'. The 'DirectDBnoti...' is all of the name that appears.

I cannot see the program anywhere. Any help, please?

  Graham. 20:20 20 Sep 2007


  Graham. 20:39 20 Sep 2007

It was happening with OE closed.

Do you think it is OE related? I ask because I had one of those .Net updates that wouldn't install, and had to go through the routine of uninstalling and re-installing .Net at about the same time. Since then, this problem seems to have gone. I will try a few more times (later) to see if it reappears.

  Graham. 20:50 20 Sep 2007

Now you mention it, OE has been a little flaky of late. What's the proceedure? and should I back-up things first?

  Graham. 21:06 20 Sep 2007

I have to go off-line for a while. I will follow up your leads shortly.

  Graham. 08:27 21 Sep 2007

OK, I've backed up the Address Book to the Desktop, and the Messages folders to somewhere else. No doubt they will appear if I have to Import them!

Now starting the repair...

  Graham. 09:16 21 Sep 2007

Re-registered the dll's, but one failed:

'mshtml.dll was loaded but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found. The file can not be registered'.

Anything to cause concern? The computer shuts down and restarts OK, and Outlook Express appears to be in fine fettle again.

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