Direct X 9 Installation and Operation.

  FCD 18:08 31 Jul 2003

When I load Dx Diag, the blue indicator stops at approx 3/4 way along. All tabs appear to work ok except for the Network tab which gives a message "Please wait while DX Diag collects Directplay information". Again the blue indicator goes about half way and stops and after a couple of minutes the computer freezes and I need to do a manual reboot. If I select DX Diag again, it tells me that it had problems accessing DirectPlay and suggests that I do not try this option again. My system is Athlon 2000, XP home, GE Force 2 Ultra, on-board AC97 sound. I have checked all the obvious problems in device manager so v grateful for any help.

  Pidder 18:29 31 Jul 2003

Does one need Direct X 9? It seems to be the latest critical update (W 98 SE) but the download time is an eternity. From the gen given it seems to be dispensible.

  Pidder 18:30 31 Jul 2003


  barrie_g 18:48 31 Jul 2003

Nothing, no games or applications use it yet and I think that only a handful of graphics cards support it so as above, Dispensable.

  Pidder 18:57 31 Jul 2003

barrie_g Thanks for confirming what I thought. Unfortunately its classed as a "critical update" so I shall continue to receive notification of it even though I don't want it. Can I avoid this?

  barrie_g 19:06 31 Jul 2003

disable auto update, if you have done this already and you are refering to the update site listing it then no I don't think that you can do anything about it, but if you do find away around this let me know because there are about 15 updates that it keeps telling me about that I don't want.

  seedie 19:07 31 Jul 2003

Bought Freelancer two days ago and it installs directx 9 on W98SE puter no problems. It also suggested I update graphics card drivers but they won't install unless i have directx 8. (ATI)
Some of those mothers at Redmond have a lot to answer for.


  Pidder 18:42 01 Aug 2003

barrie_g willdo - but not hopeful.

  Chegs ® 19:15 01 Aug 2003

If your card doesn't support DX9,then DONT install it,I did and my Ti4600 stuttered and spluttered thru games.Got shut of DX9 and the problems vanished.I have now upgraded the GC to a Ti4800(AGP x8)and its well able to handle the various games I have(no new games,just cheapo copies of older games from puter fairs)with DX9 installed.

  citadel 20:35 01 Aug 2003

I have dx9 downloaded fom microsoft, it installed with no problems. I have a ti4200 that is not a dx9 card but it works well. I can still play old dx7 and dx8 games.

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