Direct X 9

  Mr-C 00:57 27 Apr 2003

Is there a way to uninstall DX9 as it was installed on PC when I got it and it is causing some probs. I would go back to DX8.1 if I can get the damn thing out.

  powerless 00:58 27 Apr 2003

Afraid not.

"DirectX 9.0 is a system component and cannot be uninstalled. If there is a problem with the DirectX installation, it can normally be resolved by shutting down all running applications and reinstalling. As mentioned previously, DirectX 9.0 is fully backward-compatible with titles written for previous versions of DirectX. If you are having other problems after installing DirectX 9.0, these can often be resolved by installing updated drivers for your display card, audio card, or input device."

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  hugh-265156 02:01 27 Apr 2003

alternativly use system restore to a point before dx9 install

  Zaxifone 02:08 27 Apr 2003

Directx 9 can be uninstalled and then 8.1 installed with a program called DirectX Eradicator. Send me an email and I will mail it back if you like. Remember to back up your data first though. Just went back to 8.1 on my machine...


  Andsome 08:58 27 Apr 2003

What problems can directX9 cause? I downloaded and installed it a few days ago, and can detect do difference in the computer at all.

  powerless 09:06 27 Apr 2003

"DirectX 9.0 is a system component"

I take that as it makes some pretty major changes to windows so the effects of that will effect other programs etc.

As a result of that...

GOOD = Everything works just as it did before.

BAD = Oh no this did that with DX8.1 but now i have 9 it don't do it no more.

If you read the FAQ's on Direct X it syas that updating drivers can sort most problems (if any).

  Stuartli 09:08 27 Apr 2003

Although DirectX 9 has been unveiled by Microsoft, there are few applications or graphics cards able to use it yet.

I've decided to wait until it will be more appropriate to download it and will be sticking to 8.1 for the moment.

  rickf 09:40 27 Apr 2003

Its installed in mine and have not caused any probs.I think it does improve graphics slightly even if it is not written to ustilise dx9.I run a ti4200 card.

  Mr-C 13:35 29 Apr 2003

Thanks for the help directx eradicator done the trick. Everything now running fine.

  TOPCAT® 15:50 29 Apr 2003

>DirectX Eradicator 1.09 is now available for download. This preview release includes several enhancements, plus full DirectX 9.0 and Windows XP support. Keep in mind - this is "beta" software - therefore it may or may not perform as expected<

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