Direct PC Connection

  Adam87 19:12 21 Feb 2005

Id like to connect my desktop and laptop directly to each other via their NIC's.

I have a CAT 5E Patch Cable, which worked with my friends and my laptop but doesnt with my laptop-desktop connection.

Both machines have different names and are in the same workgroup.

What do I have to do to get them connected?

  spikeychris 19:29 21 Feb 2005

When you say it doesn't work what do you mean? Are the machines seeing each other at all? Have you disabled the firewalls? Have you run the network wizard? What operating systems are you using?

  Adam87 19:37 21 Feb 2005

Sorry for the lack of info. wasnt sure exactly what to include.

Laptop - Win XP Home
Desktop - Win 98SE

I only have a firwall on my desktop - ZoneAlarm - since its the only 1 I accesss internet on.

On the 98 machine, for primary network logon, I used the Client for MS Networks.

Neither machines have an IP in the TCP/IP properties.

When I type "\\Machine_Name" it says it cant find it.

  spikeychris 19:53 21 Feb 2005

Have to pull the plug - when you are setting up a LAN you MUST either allow access through a firewall or disable it. You can configure one later but at this early stage a firewall is not important.

If you are running 98 and XP its always a good idea to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

Right click the local area network connection and click Properties.

Double click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

Click Advanced.

Click WINS.

Click the Enable NetBIOS Over TCP/IP button.

  mgmcc 20:34 22 Feb 2005

<<Neither machines have an IP in the TCP/IP properties.>>

If you are not using "Internet Connection Sharing", which would automatically configure the 'host' PC with the IP address subnet and allocate an IP address in the same range by DHCP to the 'client' PC, then you must enter fixed IP addresses yourself.

Give the two PCs the IP addresses and with the same subnet mask of and ensure that these addresses are in Zone Alarm's "Trusted Zone".

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