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  giggsy 20:57 02 Jan 2003
  giggsy 20:57 02 Jan 2003

Evening folks! Happy New Year! Running a 1700+ Athlon, 256MB PC133 RAM, Gigabyte Mobo (KT133 GA-7ZXE), LG DVD drive, Plextor CD-RW, Windows 98SE. I have DMA enabled on both my Hard Disk and DVD drive, but the damn DMA box in Device Manager does not stay ticked when I try to enable it for the CD-RW drive. I am assuming my system supports DMA as the DVD drive stays ticked, and 'cause my old mobo let both my DVD drive and CD-RW stay ticked at the same time.
Hard Disk is the Primary Master, DVD drive primary slave and CD-RW drive secondary master.
What am I not doing?! Driving me mad!
Thanks in anticipation!

  giggsy 21:46 02 Jan 2003

Just a refresh to get me to the top. Come on guys, can't think of anything to try! Please help!

  Andÿ 21:59 02 Jan 2003

Are your BIOS settings correct for your Secondary IDE channel??? It seems strange the only drive on IDE 2 does not let you use DMA.

You could try removing the drive in device manager and rebooting so Windows finds it again.

Try updating your chipset drivers (if you haven't).

  giggsy 22:09 02 Jan 2003

Both the IDE channels are set to Auto in BIOS. Tried deleting CD-RW from Device Manager and rebooting. The CD-RW drive just appeared as normal upon reboot, no new hardware wizard, as if I hadn't deleted it!

  Andÿ 00:52 04 Jan 2003

Yes it will do that.

CD/CDWR/DVD drives are just accepted by Windows with no need for the new hardware wizard.

Was DMA still unavailable after doing this??

Have you updated your chipset's drivers?

  jazzypop 03:23 04 Jan 2003

It's a long shot, but you may want to try the advice in this MS article -
click here

Read the first paragraph carefully.

  wawadave 03:53 04 Jan 2003

not all ide devices can be set for this

  Longnose 12:28 04 Jan 2003

Your CD-RW drive most probably doesn't support DMA as I also had the same problem with my LG CD-RW.

Maybe someone can suggest a app that can give you more detail about your system eg Sisandra Soft etc.

  giggsy 15:09 04 Jan 2003

Not sure about the alterations jazzypop! Plus my cd drive does appear in explorer. There is also more than one i/o setting to change. I am sure that both my cd-rw and dvd drive had dma enabled with my older motherboard. Can't understand why one channel is enabling dma and the other isn't. I'm sure my plextor cd-rw supports DMA. Is there any way I can find out?

  jazzypop 15:11 04 Jan 2003

I'm sure there is - but it would help to know the exact model :)

The most reliable method is to read the label on the drive itself.

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