Direct internet connection to Laptop

  Chaz2004 23:28 04 Sep 2004

Hey i have a laptop and a PC and the laptop has a ethernet cable socket.

I can network them and get onto the internet on the laptop via the computer would i be able to directly connect the laptop to the modem?

And if so would it be Patch or Crossover?

P.S See how when i post this at the bottom it says "By default you will be notified by email if someone responds to this discussion subject. If you do not want to receive email notification of new message posts, please uncheck the box." So i tick the box but it does not email me?

  Forum Editor 00:30 05 Sep 2004

directly to the modem - it's a computer, and as far as the modem's concerned it's the same as your desktop.

I'm not sure why you're asking about patch or crossover cables though, you plug the modem into the phone socket and then the modem into the laptop, using the same lead that you use to connect the modem to the desktop machine.

As to the email notification - how do you know you don't get an email when I'm the first person to post to the thread?

  Chaz2004 10:41 05 Sep 2004

As i have not got one yet saying you posted and also in the past.

  Chaz2004 10:45 05 Sep 2004

When i plug it in it cannot find server?

  Chaz2004 11:11 05 Sep 2004

All i know is its a NTL 600kb/s modem

  SEASHANTY 11:44 05 Sep 2004

If you have the laptop plugged into the PC then they
are obviously quite close together. To be able to use either the PC or laptop independently you could
connect them both via a wired router as I do. This avoids keep having to change the MAC address for the
cable modem. I use the Linksys BEFSR41 router which allows independent use of up to four PC's using NTL cable Broadband (was 600k and now its 750k).
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