direct 9x

  bakes43 13:21 11 Jan 2003
  bakes43 13:21 11 Jan 2003

just wondering if anyone has installed direct 9x,if so have you any probs with it.
I play alot of online games (ut2003) and have read in other forums that people were getting lower fps.
my graphics card is geforce3 with latest drivers and was worryed if they will run smoothley together, at the momement i,ve got direct8.1 and have no probs, but being me i like to get the latest stuff out there,
I would like to thank anyone for there useful information

  Joe McG 13:38 11 Jan 2003

bakes43, there is no point installing direct 9x just now. (A) your gfx card does not support it. (B) as far as i am aware, there is no game or application on the market, that needs direct 9x to run. Hope this helps you.

  SDJ 13:45 11 Jan 2003

Second that Joe McG, I installed and uninstalled as it played hell with my graphics card = very slow machine.

  powerless 13:46 11 Jan 2003

I installed it, well no problems, here so far anyway. I too am on that quest for the latest stuff out there.

But well thats it.

  BRYNIT 13:47 11 Jan 2003

If it isn't broke dont fix it

  SDJ 13:51 11 Jan 2003

.....or "if it aint broke then install SP1 and it soon will be"

A little funny I thought of this morning.

  bakes43 16:40 12 Jan 2003

thanks alot everyone i think i,ll stop as i am

I am attempting to burn 640Mb of Data onto a 650Mb capacity CD using the built in burning software on Windows XP.

First I have more then 650MB of data waiting to be written in the "Files ready to be written to CD" Folder which is why I have highlighted 640Mb of data first then selected copy to cd but it comes up with a message saying not enough free space on the CD.

Can I not highlight all the files I want to copy on CD or does it try to copy all files that's in the folder regardless if they are highlighted or not?

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