dimension 8250 psu, is it normal??? new one???

  skaria 11:00 16 Jan 2005

Hi, i currently have a ell Dimension 8250 2.35Ghz Pentium 4, 512mbrdram, and want to upgrade my graphics card to a nivida geforce 6600gt. Should I take the risk and use the 6600gt on my dell dimension 8250 with 250W of power. Will it work, and if so what are the safety problems. If this is not possible i believ i will need a new psu. undofrtunately, a new psu will not fit into my dell dimension 8250 case as dell have made it like this. Even if i change the case and psu i will have to change the motherboard as the dell motherboard only works with the special cable from the dell psu??? I dont particularly want to do this as i currently have rdram, which is quite expensive, and which would then become redudant. i am no totally stuck, and really appreciate any comments from anyone. I am not sure if this is true. Any help??? Skaira

  Jeffers22 11:17 16 Jan 2005

Dell as you have discovered, make it difficult to plug in off the shelf kit. I would suggest you approach them for an uprated PSU. It is likely to be dearer than a standard PSU, but still cheaper than replacing lots of internals including your RAM. I would imagine 250 Watts may be a struggle for your new card, but without actually trying it it in your normal day to day computer use it is difficult to be precise - unless the card manufacturer includes a min PSU spec in it's requirements.

  Markdym 11:21 16 Jan 2005

I agree that you contact Dell regarding this. A friend of mine bought a new graphics card and we installed it. But, the computer refused to boot. All we got was a black screen. After contacting Dell my friend was told that the Dimension model he had could not be upgraded.

  skaria 11:30 16 Jan 2005

thanks for that, i have tried contacting dell with no response. they have also now discontiued my model. i am in a bit of a dilemma. i think i will keep trying unless anyone has a definite answer. thanks again. skaria

  skaria 13:12 16 Jan 2005

any ideas????

  BurrWalnut 13:52 16 Jan 2005

Have a look at the label on the PSU and post back here with the amps and volts figures, e.g. the plus 3.3v is 28amp, etc.

  skaria 14:01 16 Jan 2005

will do. thanks. i have been reading around the dell + other forums for the past few hours, and I think that a standard power supply maybe ine, but there are still enough people syaing that it will fry the mboard or wont work. Thanks

  Rayuk 14:04 16 Jan 2005

Check the link in Consumerwatch thread,then check if the cables connecting to the motherboard are the same as illustrated.

  skaria 17:53 16 Jan 2005

i think so rayuk. from waht he says i THINK that i have a standard psu by looking at this. I got this of the dell website. CFould you please confirm if I do have a standard psu. 1 +3.3 VDC Orange 2 +3.3 VDC Orange 3 COM Black 4 +5 VDC Red 5 COM Black 6 +5 VDC Red 7 COM Black 8 POK Gray 9 +5 VFP Purple 10 +12 VDC Yellow 11 +3.3 VDC* Orange 12 –12 VDC Blue 13 COM Black 14 PS ON Green 15 COM Black 16 COM Black 17 COM Black 18 N/C N/C 19 +5 VCD Red 20 +5 VCD Red. On the psu it has a label with a lot of numbers + made in China. It also says "Foxteq Test Ok. Shift A." I hope you can help me. I also noticed on my psu, ir does not have an on/off button. Ny ideas.Thanks Skaria

  skaria 17:58 16 Jan 2005

I think that the psu connector to the motherbaord is standard, but because it does not have a on/off switch a normal psu will not fit. Hence, I will have to buy a new case and new PSU. If that is the case, then i will have toi move the motherbaord, but dell have probably made it so that cant be moved. So, will a normal psu fir, as it hink the connector to the motherbrd is normal. thanks in advance. Skaria

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