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  PC Advisor. 10:18 14 May 2003

Hi folks,

Sorry for posting in Helproom (we know this is slightly outside Helproom's remit - we've got a duplicate thread running in Consumerwatch.)

Here at PCA towers we're expanding our coverage to account for changing computing patterns in the home.

We'd love to get some feedback from you.

What do you think the Digital Home will look like two years down the line? We're interested in the real world - no Jetsons stuff.

How will the role of the home PC (s) change?

Will home networks become common place, and if so what will they be used for?

What's going to happen to the way we consume digital entertainment?

What uses do you see home computing being put to two years down the line?

What's going to happen with standards - are we heading for multiple, incompatible domestic devices, or will the Powers That Be see sense for once?

Any other views?

We're not looking for War and Peace here, just trying to get a feel for the kind of imminent future our readers expect from The Digital Home.

  y_not 20:13 14 May 2003

A home controlled by the PC (hopefully better looking than the current version).

Wireless connections controlling the heating via sensors to detect occupancy, usage and temperature needs for each room independant of the rest of the house.

Water systems controlled for maximum efficiency and minimum usage.

Lighting and security all controlled from anywhere via the internet.

And, of course, home entertainment, TV, video (via the HDD), music and DVD's all controlled by and provided through the PC.

Oh, and finally (for the genius amonst us), a replacement for the door key - why can I get into my car without fumbling with the lock but I get soaked while opening the front door?

  Pesala 20:16 14 May 2003

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