Digital vs. Analog monitors

  waterchan 04:15 01 Sep 2005

What are the practical differences between a Digital and and Analog monitor? I'm thinking of buying this monitor: click here but when I saw "Analog" written there, my newbie compatibility alarm went off.

Are there compatibility issues with Analog or Digital monitors? I'm thinking of building a PC with that monitor, is there any particular configuration of hardware I need to make it work?

  waterchan 04:36 01 Sep 2005


  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:39 01 Sep 2005

My TFT monitor can be used digitally or as an analogue. I have tried both modes and there is no differemce that a mere mortal can spot.


  PC Bilbo 08:59 01 Sep 2005

I thought Digital was supposed to be better (faster( for games and video as line scanning is not involved.
Before too much longer, all TFT's should be digital.

Response times also help but most published by manufacturers are misleading anyway since they seem to use different benchmarks.Seeing is believing as they say.

Most (but not all) modern graphics cards come with dual inputs anyway.

  freaky 09:21 01 Sep 2005

In theory a monitor that offers Digital and Analogue connections......provided you have a digital output socket on your graphics card.....should be faster. This is because the monitor does not have to convert the analogue signal to digital. But as GANDALF states above, it is difficult to spot any difference!

If you are using a graphics intensive program i.e. a game, then in theory it should run smoother and quicker if the monitor is receiving a digital signal from the graphics digital interface. The colour rendering should also be better.

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