Digital Video Problems

  aimee 11:09 22 Feb 2004

I would be grateful if someone could advise how I can download more than 15mins of DV from my camera on to my PC at any one time? I want to record c.2hrs of video on a DVD and at the moment my PC is telling me that the file is too large after only a short while?


  MichelleC 11:54 22 Feb 2004

Is your hd fat32 or ntfs?

  MichelleC 11:56 22 Feb 2004

.. and your pc spec, ie:

W2k, P3 735mz,
391 RAM,
main hd 40gb 5400,
2nd hd 24gb 7200,
3rd hd 40gb,
DVD 16x,
cdwr 52x 24x 52x,
1394 firewire,

Video Factory,
Magix Video deluxe,

Sony TRV 120E.

  y_not 12:13 22 Feb 2004

If you are using Windows 98 or ME then this can cause a limit to the file size however if you are receiving the message described I would look at the hard drive size and available space - vidoe files are VERY large.

  GroupFC 15:24 22 Feb 2004

As the others have said more details would help - .avi files are large and it sounds as if your HD is formatted as FAT32 which I think from memory has a 4gbs file size limit and this I think would be about the size of a 15min .avi file - hence the problem!

If you post back more details I am sure somebody will be able to help.

  sohaib 16:01 22 Feb 2004

i had the same problem, as my hard drive is only 10gb, which is not enuf, so i got looking and found pinnacle studio 400, it is very good as it only uses 150mb of hard drive, the rest is all done by its own device, but the downside to this is it would only b compatible with windows 98,

so worth looking at alternatives..

  aimee 20:13 22 Feb 2004

My PC setup is as follows,

Athlon 1.4 ghz, FAT 32 file system, 512mB ram, Main HD 54.9 with 19.9GB free, 2nd HD 55.8GB free.

Digital camera is a JVC type and software I am using is Sonic MyDVD supplied with a Sony DRU 510AK DVD burner.

I think that my problem is the 4gbs file size limit. So any help on getting round this would be much appreciated. Thanks to all

  GroupFC 20:19 22 Feb 2004

I suspect that you will need to convert your HD from FAT32 to NTFS, which is about the limit of what I know!

If you do a helproom search you should find some threads on this which may point you in the right direction.

Good luck!

  GroupFC 20:53 22 Feb 2004

I would add don't do anything until you get further advice on this posting from others (I still only class myself as a novice - and what I have picked has come mostly from trawling these pages on a daily basis!).

I have found this thread click here which may be of interest.

Also have a look at this thread click here

  y_not 06:16 23 Feb 2004

You can capture 15 minute segments of the video as separate files (each with a different name).

Using the editing software link them all together, edit, author and burn them as one onto a DVD.

Changing to NTFS is the simplest option (back up you data first) if you are running win2k or XP but its not essential to convert

  scotty 11:57 23 Feb 2004

When you transfer the video from the camera to the pc, it is normally saved as an .avi file. These files are very large. To create a DVD with your video you need to convert them to mpeg2 files. These are compressed files so are much smaller. Ideally you want to create a DVD with menu options as found on professional DVDs to allow you to select scenes. I am not familiar with the software you are using but I expect it offers these options.

Capture your video in 15min segments. Use the video editing software to divide the video into scenes and then build up the video as you want it to appear. Finally add a DVD menu then burn the DVD.

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