Digital TV tuner for PC questions

  Cybermaxx 18:42 16 Mar 2006

I was going to buy a digital tv tuner (the ALDI one!) for my PC tomorrow, in order to view Freeview. After a conversation with a work colleague, though, I realised I'd left the aerial out of my plans!

So, if I buy and install the tuner, get the remote control working (USB? I don't know....), what about the aerial? Do I need to use a full size one, or can I just swipe one off a portable tv and use that?

I have a full size elderly tv set in use about ten feet away from my PC, with it's aerial in the loft. Could I somehow make use of this, but use the tv set at the same time?

Any advice appreciated!

Btw, yes, I originally posted this topic in the Absolute Beginners forum, but it appears to be deserted.......

  johnnyrocker 18:45 16 Mar 2006

fit a splitter on the aerial where it enters tv and take a feed off to your tv card or whatever you have purchased.


  Stuartli 18:52 16 Mar 2006

A splitter will cost you some signal strength and PCI TV cards need a good signal at the best of times.

An two way aerial amplifier to accept the aerial's input so you can use both your TV and PCI TV card is the simplest solution.

However, as you say you have an elderly TV, you may also have an equally elderly narrowband TV aerial.

If so you will need to have a wideband aerial installed otherwise you will get a much lower number of Freeview TV and radio stations.

  woodchip 18:52 16 Mar 2006

If you are in a good area a portable should do

  Cybermaxx 18:54 16 Mar 2006

A splitter? Okay.

A feed? Some sort of cable? Don't suppose you would happen to know exactly which cable would work?

Btw, if I did that, could the tv and Freeview on my PC be on at the same time, or can you only watch one or the other?

  Cybermaxx 18:57 16 Mar 2006

My last post was to johnnyrocker, btw!

Ah, righto, Stuartli. This is beginning to sound like more bother than it's worth! From an initial £30 for the tuner, extra bits are making it appear too expensive to be worthwhile.

  stubrow 18:57 16 Mar 2006

I agree with stuartli you definitely need a good high gain aerial to get freeview especially through a tv pc card whether its pci or usb.

  Cybermaxx 18:59 16 Mar 2006

Okay, thanks for the responses. Project abandoned!

  woodchip 19:00 16 Mar 2006

I use a 3" arial. Yes 3" that got with a USB Digital TV box. it get's it all

  Stuartli 19:01 16 Mar 2006

I can see the Winter Hill transmitter if I walk three-quarters of a mile from my home but, unfortunately, a portable aerial is absolutely useless.

A two way aerial amplifier can be yours for under a tenner and you only need ordinary coaxial cable and standard coaxial plugs (as with an ordinary TV) for the PCI TV card to feed the TV and the card.

  woodchip 19:06 16 Mar 2006

I can see the Emily moor transmiter from front bedroom windows

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