Digital TV stick install corrupt?

  jack 08:19 15 Dec 2007

Following a reinstall of the system I am reloading devices.
Having installed the Freecomdvt stick software - when trying to set up the device the system reports that another device is in use and should be closed down.
There is not other device in use to close down.
Working on the assumption the the software installed corrupt I have tried to remove it- both via the software install/repair/remove routine and by Windows own add/remove routine
Neither worked
It simply goes through a maintenance routine and the software stays in place giving the same error.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:56 15 Dec 2007

Try getting latest drivers/software from Freecom site; could be a conflict with a windows update.

  jack 09:28 15 Dec 2007

Thanx DS
Have got in the same and unzipped the 32 bit version -I assume that is the one I need- 32 bit O/S 64 bit MoBo and there they sit in a folder waiting to with I know not what - there is no install bit or documentation-
I shall have to go back to the site I seem to recall a PDF there somewhere.

  [email protected] 09:47 15 Dec 2007

I experienced the same problem with tv usb stick and HP all in one printr/scanner.
The system recognised the tv stick as a image device and the hp software had taken control of it,so when installing the printer software i had to add the tv stick as an additional device.
hope this helps

  Stuartli 09:51 15 Dec 2007

You should install the drivers and software before connecting the device (or until you are requested to do so during installation).

  Technotiger 10:03 15 Dec 2007

Hi, if it is any help, I have the original CD and instructions for the Freecom DVB-T USB Stick which I no longer use - I have despatched my little stick to that Great PC-in-the-sky when it came apart and died!

I do not need the CD now anyway, as I have managed to connect my normal Freeview Digibox (indirectly) to my PC, so I can still have all the normal free digital channels anyway - and with even better pictures etc (though the Freecom Stick was very good on its own, before it broke, I mean it physically broke).

If you would like to have the CD etc (FOC), you may contact me via my Yellow envelope.

  jack 12:28 15 Dec 2007

Thank you each and all.
TT I do have the software disk.
Stuartli the device sits looking back at me unplugged.

So the situation is
I have the revised driver unzipped in a folder - simplthe usual a collection dll's and other stuff.
The Cd sits awaiting further instruction from me as is the device.
Question is - what do I do with the revised driver- it has no 'Install' element in the file'

  Stuartli 12:55 15 Dec 2007

No .exe or Setup file?

  [email protected] 13:51 15 Dec 2007

which software does the stick use is it total media 3?

  jack 15:46 15 Dec 2007

Stuartle - correct no .exe or set up.
Dare I 'import one from another app- would it work that way?

Raven - Total Media it is

  [email protected] 17:00 15 Dec 2007

I think you ill find its not the tv stick driver thats the problem the one on the cd should be fine.
Have you got a printer scanner or webcam installed before adding the stick?.
try a restore point prior to adding any devices,then install the tv stick,if it works its one of the other hardware devices software thats the cause.
in my case it was the hewlett pakard printer scanner,towards the end of the printers software install a message came up another device has been detected would you like to add the device.If no was selected the message you describe appears when trying to access total media 3.if i added device during printer software install both worked with no conflict.

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